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LA Times building welcomes new call center tenant

Thumbnail image for latimes-from-broadway.jpgAround the premises of the Los Angeles Times, one of the biggest changes from the years of fat papers and high aspirations is that there are a lot of empty desks and whole floors of underused space. Film crews rent the unneeded corners of the building that used to house the Times Mirror corporate offices. Paying customers also make use of surplus office floors and parking spaces that once were prime, fought-over downtown space filled to overflowing by the Times' own growing staff. One effect, other than the income of course, is that Times employees have to wear ID badges to circulate in the building. As this memo announcing a new tenant reminds the worker bees:

From: Compton, Russ
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2012 11:25 AM
To: AllLosAngelesTimesEmployees
Subject: New tenant moving into Times West and Times Broadway

Over the next few weeks, our new tenant, VXI Global Solutions, will be moving into their leased space on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Times West and Times Broadway buildings.

As a reminder, we have implemented a number of protective measures to ensure each company has separate and distinct domains within the property. Because we have both tenants and guests in the building on a daily basis, please remember to keep your ID badge with you at all times.

VXI Global Solutions will be staffing a call center with three shifts, so you can expect to see their employees in shared areas like hallways and the cafeteria throughout the day. Please join me in welcoming them as we continue to maximize use of our facilities to increase revenue, which ultimately supports our core journalistic mission.

Russ Compton
Director, Facilities

VXI Global Solutions specializes in "contact center oursourcing."

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