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KPFK-PlateFrame.jpgThe staff at Pacifica-owned radio station KPFK in Cahunega Pass opened their emails on Wednesday morning to find a health-related message from Bernard Duncan, the general manager. He informed everyone that a colleague at the station had been treated for scabies — and he provided the symptoms they should look out for. We've posted before about financial turmoil and internal politics at KPFK, but this was a first.

From: Bernard Duncan
Date: Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 8:16 AM
Subject: Primary Scabies Infection
To: staff, boardops, programmers

Dear All

We have been informed that a KPFK staff member has been diagnosed with and treated for scabies.

There is quite a bit of information available on the Internet about this condition – the following from WebMD, and should you wish, you are encouraged you to look further.

Scabies is a condition of very itchy skin caused by tiny mites that burrow into the skin.

Scabies can affect people of all ages and from all incomes and social levels. Even people who keep themselves very clean can get scabies.

The mites spread by close contact with someone who has scabies. Scabies can also be spread by sharing towels, bed sheets, and other personal belongings.

Scabies often affects several family members at the same time. You can spread it to another person before you have symptoms.

Scabies causes itching and a rash. Children typically have worse skin reactions.

Scabies will not go away on its own. You need to use a special cream or lotion that a doctor prescribes. In severe cases, your doctor may also give you pills to take. (The affected KPFK staff member has received treatment).

It is important to note that some scabies medicines are not safe for children, older adults, and women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

If you have scabies, you and anyone you have close contact with must all be treated at the same time. This keeps the mites from being passed back and forth from person to person. You must also carefully wash all clothes, towels, and bedding.

Best -

Bernard Duncan
General Manager

By the way, the KPFK fundraising store is currently selling a Hugo Chavez Memorial Pack of DVDs and a book for $400.

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