Mario and Dominic: The love story continues

CBS News caught up the other day with Dominic Ehrler on his daily visit to the Los Angeles Zoo to feed his friend Mario, the goose that bonded with Ehrler several years ago at Echo Park Lake. The restored lake has been open for awhile now, but Mario remains at the zoo. Steve Hartman's report for the CBS Evening News includes file footage from 2011 of Ehrler and Maria (as the goose was then known) strolling together around the lake, sitting on a park bench together, and the money shot of Maria flying alongside Ehrler's motor scooter.

mario+dominic+ehrler-grab.jpgEhrler was asked what has changed about his life since befriending Mario. He no longer eats poultry, Ehrler said.

If you don't yet know the story of Maria/Mario and Dominic, there's a bunch in the archive that I'll list below. Jenny Burman's first post on the pair in 2011 at Chicken Corner sums up the online coverage to that point.

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Photo: Screen grab from CBS

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