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LAT Mexico City reporter jumps to New York Times

New York Times newsroom.

Read the memo: Richard Fausset is leaving Mexico City to return to Atlanta, but for a different newspaper. He will be a New York Times national correspondent.

Our New Atlanta Bureau Correspondent

Richard Fausset will become the new Atlanta Bureau chief. Read more in this note from Alison Mitchell, Ethan Bronner and Peter Applebome.

If the National Desk wanted to dream up the perfect person to fill the Atlanta Bureau it might come up with someone who grew up in New Orleans, edited an alternative weekly in Athens, Ga. and had already covered the South for six years. That journalist would have boundless energy, a sophisticated take on the region and might have written about everything from politics to immigration to a fraternity of proud nerds at the University of Mississippi known as the Awesome Dudes of Alpha Delta.

Luckily, such a person actually exists and will be starting in the Atlanta Bureau this month. Richard Fausset comes to us from the Mexico City Bureau of the Los Angeles Times, where he has been since a glorious stint as that paper's Atlanta Bureau Chief from 2006-2012. He'll be in New York this week, getting a sense of how we operate. Then he'll be sharing the Southern coverage with Campbell Robertson and Alan Blinder, giving us a really strong team in one of the nation's most compelling regions. We're thrilled to have him.

On a sadder note, Dan Frosch, after eight years in Denver as our junior reporter, has left us to cover the Mountain West for the Wall Street Journal. Anyone who wants to say goodbye should write to him at Also, if you know someone in the region who might be interested in that job please contact Alison Mitchell, Jennifer Kingson or Jack Healy. It is a guild position.

Alison, Ethan and Peter

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