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Rihanna gets her jollies with LA police commissioner


The insipid Daily Mail caption for this photo of Rihanna at a Los Angeles Clippers game — in an insipid story exclaiming how the performer was "surprisingly demure" for the game — reads:

Rude boy: A jolly older gentleman took the chance to have his picture taken with the saucy popstrel

I guess nobody at the Daily Mail recognizes Steven Soboroff, the president of the Los Angeles Police Commission. I'd also guess the Fail has no clue that Soboroff is a major Clippers fan, and hardly a "pensioner," as another caption said.

I'll go out on a limb here and presume the Fail doesn't know about the Soboroff typewriter collection either.

Or maybe...: Perhaps Soboroff had seen this recent BuzzFeed comparison of Rihanna's and Avril Lavigne's meet-and-greet style and was hoping for a flagrant foul.

Also this...: Rihanna dropped Soboroff's phone and now he is auctioning off the cracked phone to raise money for the LAPD Foundation. Gawker

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