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LAT's Maeve Reston moves to CNN political team

maeve-reston-nbc.jpgCNN just announced internally that Maeve Reston, who covers politics for the Los Angeles Times, will join the network's politics team on Nov. 24. She will remain in LA and report for digital and on TV. The memo from Rachel Smolkin of CNN:


I’m thrilled to announce that Maeve Reston will be joining our fabulous and fast-growing CNN Politics Digital team. Many of you already know Maeve, a beautiful writer and CNN contributor who currently covers politics for the Los Angeles Times. She will remain in LA, where she will write big-picture political stories for us across the West and beyond. She’ll also report on the intersection of Hollywood, politics and money.

Maeve will contribute to both our television and digital video coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign.

She starts Nov. 24, and is hoping to join us in Washington that week.

Please join me in welcoming her to CNN.


Reston is making the announcement on Twitter, where she is an active tweeter about politics and the fashion of people in the politics scene. She also gave a few quotes to Fishbowl DC.

How do you see Silicon Valley’s role in politics changing over the next few years?

I think Silicon Valley execs will play an increasingly powerful role each election cycle, but they are still figuring out exactly how to make that impact felt in Washington (and at the ballot box).

Can we expect #campaignfashionreport to hit CNN’s airwaves?

I’m working on it.

You’re an avid runner and hit the trails while covering campaigns. Who has the best scenery: Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina?

You can’t possibly think I’d choose one early state over another. Three of my favorite trails: the Wolfeboro Rail Trail in New Hampshire, the Clive Greenbelt Trail in Iowa, and the Battery Promenade in Charleston. (I’m still working on my interactive map of the best trails in all 50 states. My goal is to finish it before the primaries).

Photo of Reston via NBC News

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