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LA politics roundup: day before the election version

city-hall-flags.jpgTuesday will be election day in Los Angeles and some nearby cities. In LA, there are two open seats on the City Council being contested — to succeed Bernard Parks and Tom LaBonge — and competitive races with challengers contesting the reelections of Jose Huizar and Nury Martinez. Voters will also decide whether to change city elections to even numbered years so that the contests will be at the end of longer, more contested ballots — some think that will mean more interest, some think less. There are hot races for the school board, and less-hot races for the college board, and Hermosa Beach is voting on an oil drilling measure.

Here's some of the latest media coverage of politics:

Californians love living in the state despite its high costs, the USC Dornsife-LAT Poll found, and they favor Gov. Brown's hard-line stance against UC funding or tuition increases over Janet Napolitano's threat to raise tuition.

Mayor Eric Garcetti has declined to take a position on Charter Amendments 1 and 2, the measures that would move city and school board elections to even years. But when he was running for mayor, Garcetti came out firmly against the idea. Gene Maddaus/LA Weekly

Money, Power and the 14th Council District Race: more fizzle than sizzle. Jon Regardie/Downtown News

In the race to succeed Councilman Tom LaBonge in the 4th district, his name and record are divisive as candidates seek to stand out. Emily Alpert Reyes/LAT

Former interns of 4th district candidate Tomas O'Grady's nonprofit deny that he used them and the organization to help on his campaign. Reyes/LAT

The science of increasing voter turnout. Sanden Totten/KPCC

Republican presidential candidates probably won't both to campaign in California, but they are coming here to woo donors. David Siders/Bee

The California Republican Party convention on Sunday finally recognized the gay oriented Log Cabin Republicans after 38 years. LAT, Chronicle

The Republicans also reelected Jim Brulte as state party chair. Bee

Bernd Schwieren, a senior consultant to the Assembly Republican Caucus, told the convention that with the Republican Party‚Äôs registration about 28 percent statewide, the GOP may fall below independent voters in a couple of years — largely because the party doesn't appeal to Latino voters. Bee

Fresno's Republican mayor Ashley Swearengin, who ran for state controller last year, won't run to succeed Barbara Boxer in the U.S. Senate next year. LAT, Fresno Bee

In the election to decide which year to hold LA city elections, most people won't vote. Reyes & Catherine Saillant/LAT

KPCC has continues its series to make one Loz Feliz resident care about voting in the election. KPCC

David Zahniser of the Times and Joe Mathews of Zocalo discussed the election on the Friday afternoon Mixer with Steve Chiotakis of KCRW.

Los Angeles City Hall is getting rid of about 10,000 computers that still run on Windows XP. Daily News

Hermosa Beach voters are being asked to greenlight new oil drilling or pay a penalty to settle a legal fight stretching decades long, a cautionary tale about the high stakes for land use in California cities, particularly when oil companies get involved. KPCC

Sleepy La Habra Heights jolted into lively public debate over oil by Measure A. KPCC

KPCC's voter guide

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LA politics roundup: day before the election version
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