Cosby charged and arraigned in Pennsylvania, out on $1 million bail

Bill Cosby was charged today with sexually assaulting a woman at his home 12 years ago, and taken to court in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, for arraignment. He was perp-walked for the cameras into the courthouse in Elkins Park. Bail of $1 million was posted and Cosby was taken to be fingerprinted. The judge warned Cosby that he could be arrested if he attempts to contact the woman or her family. She was identified as Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee who is one of the dozens of women to publicly accuse the actor of sexual assault through the years. She has previously filed a lawsuit against Cosby. Prosecutors said the charges were filed based on new evidence of a crime.

From the LA Times story:

Cosby arrived at his arraignment in a gray hooded sweatshirt and black velour sweatpants, carrying a cane. He walked unsteadily and had to be helped to the defendant's table. After the brief hearing he was taken to the township police department to be fingerprinted.


More than 40 women have come forward to publicly accuse Cosby, 78, of assaulting them over the last 40 years, and most of them said they were drugged.

But the case in southeast Pennsylvania, which could send Cosby to prison for 10 years if convicted, marks the first time criminal charges have been filed against him.

The prosecutor said in public comments that Cosby, 78, is accused of giving the woman Quaaludes and alcohol then assaulting her after she became incapacitated.

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