Photos: Valleywood junkyard cleans up well


I stopped by Aadlen Brothers Auto Wrecking and U-Pick Parts on Tuesday, hoping to replace a missing wheel cover before the giant Sun Valley junkyard closes on New Year's Eve. Too late: the wrecked cars and all their parts have been moved out. So have almost all the old movie and TV props. All that remains on the 26-acre lot are a few miscellaneous vehicles and odd items, like a couple of relic airplanes, an old cannon carriage, a bus or two and the giant boomerang sculpture, designed by Googie icons Armet and Davis, that used to tower over a car wash at the corner of Laurel Canyon and Ventura Boulevards in Studio City.

What used to be the largest junkyard in the Valley, and a shooting location for dozens of movies and TV episodes, is now a large mostly empty lot. It seemed surprisingly clean for serving as a jam-packed wrecking yard for 53 years.




AP's video story on Aadlen Brothers closing:

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