Where in LA Kristen Stewart drives in 'Ride Em on Down' video


After I posted this month the Rolling Stones video in which actress Kristen Stewart careens and spins through downtown Los Angeles and the Arts District in a vintage blue Mustang, reader Don Bentley and his brother sat down and logged all the locations they could spot.

In order.

"We attempted to document every location shot With our historic knowledge of LA and with the help of Google Maps Street View. I thought your readers might be interested in what we found. In all, it was a great diversion!"

Yes I think they will be interested. Thanks Don!

The video directed by François Rousselet is for "Ride 'Em On Down," from the album Blue & Lonesome. Here ya go.

Walks out of ACE Liquor which is actually M&W Liquor at 2801 Fletcher Drive in Atwater Village.

Drives out of “ACE Liquor” parking lot and Hollywood “movie magic” adds the sign of the Western Motel, the “Lo Gas” and “Eat” signs, and a blue building that is actually located on the corner of Pico and Broadway in downtown.

Drives westerly down Olympic Boulevard from Elwood Street one block to Lawrence Street, past Penaloza Mexican Restaurant. Through Hollywood “movie magic,” they created Mike’s Donuts…it actually doesn’t exist…at least on that part of Olympic.

Drives easterly up a ramp on 4th Street past the Bonaventure Hotel towards the Downtown YMCA.

Drives on easterly 4th Street between San Pedro Street and Central Avenue.

Drives past the Los Angeles Cold Storage Company at the corner of 4th Street and Central Avenue.

Dances (sadly, with a cigarette…must have been Keith Richards’ idea) at the Superfine Valero Gas Station at the corner of Alameda Street and 5th Street.

Drives on the 4th Street Bridge westerly toward downtown.

Drives north on Broadway between 8th Street and 7th Street, passing a building sign on
the left that says “Stones”…in real life, it actually says “Ross Dress for Less.”

An aerial shot of driving south on Grand Avenue starting around the Gas Company.

Building at 5th Street and continuing past the Downtown Public Library on the right and the Biltmore Hotel on the left…note the Stones’ “Tongue” logo superimposed on the helipad on top of the Biltmore Hotel.

Passes a burning car while driving south on Broadway looking east down 7th Street.

Drives east down 4th Street past Wall Street…note the lyrics of the song at that moment are superimposed on the building store fronts, “I believe I’ll ride ‘em on down.”

The fellow in the police car pulls her over on San Fernando Road underneath the Pasadena Freeway/Arroyo Seco Parkway. With Hollywood “movie magic,” they superimposed elevated freeway overpasses in the background.

In accessing the Los Angeles River, we believe that she is actually first driving through the 3rd Street Tunnel in downtown, and with Hollywood “movie magic”she exits through an actual vehicle access location at the confluence of the Los Angeles River with the Arroyo Seco coming south from Pasadena.

Drives up and down the concrete bed of the Los Angeles River in the Elysian Valley near the Metro maintenance yard.

Drives southerly down North Main Street towards downtown where you see City Hall and the many skyscrapers on Bunker Hill.


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