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Ryu says Korean Americans must step up

"We have to step up," City Councilman David Ryu told the Los Angeles Current Affairs Forum at the Palm downtown Friday noon. "It's about equity. It's about opportunity." He spoke of "helping all those families get the opportunities I got."

UCLA study calls for rent control tightening

UCLA report convincingly links rent increases and the housing shortage to the homelessness which afflicts the LA area today.

Speaker Rendon: an LA power in Sacramento

The San Francisco state senator who wants to build more tall buildings around rail stations and bus stops will have to come up with new legislation that is more politically acceptable to cities and suspicious neighborhood groups, says Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon.

Ignored in downtown L.A.'s new glitter?

Disney Hall and many of downtown L.A.'s new restaurants and bars are excellent. But the media shouldn't ignore the dry business done elsewhere.

Solis jabs at homeless agency

Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis agrees with critics of the Los Angeles County Homeless Services Authority.

Garcetti and Koreatown's homeless

"There are people who shoot up and there are people who are mentally ill," said Koreatown activist and attorney Grace Yoo. "How do we ensure the safety for the homeless and the people nearby?"

Murray Fromson, a fighter to the end

Long after he left journalism, Murray Fromson never lost the curiosity, story telling ability and intensity that made him a top CBS television correspondent during the Vietnam War and in the domestic fight for civil rights. Fromson, 88, died Saturday.

LAX and Metro, partners for jobs

Deborah Flint and Phil Washington could probably walk through L.A. without being recognized by most people. But this crowd knew who they were.

A good Times look at Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong

The excellent story by Meg James and Andrea Chang in Sunday's Los Angeles Times on the paper's new owner sheds light on Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong as a person and is noteworthy for its examination of the controversies that have marked his professional life.

Garcetti urged to consider a Latino for police chief

Mayor Eric Garcetti, facing one of the toughest decisions of his career, is being urged to consider a Latino to replace Police Chief Charlie Beck, who is retiring.

Garcetti wants all L.A. to welcome homeless housing

Under fire from his hometown paper, Mayor Eric Garcetti says he will work on a plan for every Los Angeles community to agree to accept housing for the homeless.

Ridley-Thomas vs. marijuana

Many public officials are already enthusiastically counting the tax dollars that legalization of marijuana will bring into their public treasuries, but not Mark Ridley-Thomas of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Housing-homeless up to Garcetti, Ridley-Thomas

Pressure will be heavy on Mayor Eric Garcetti and County supervisors board chairman Mark Ridley-Thomas to show much more progress with the so-far insoluble housing-homeless problem.
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