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SB 50: It will be a fight to remember

bill-300.jpg As explained by a team of Los Angeles Times Community News reporters, Senate Bill 50 touches the sanctity of a home and the independence of local officials by allowing high rise apartments next to single family dwellings. Nowhere is this clearer than in the Orange County suburbs explored by the reporters.

Can Spectrum News 1 capture diverse L.A?

I drove into the Spectrum News 1 headquarters parking lot Monday, a day after the cable news channel had won four Los Angeles Press Club awards for its coverage of local news. It was a notable accomplishment for a journalistic operation that been in the crowded L.A. media scene for just over a year.

The Philosopher Mayor

Mayor Eric Garcetti was in a philosophical mood at lunch Wednesday.

USC's Crosstown: Saving L.A. by the numbers

Crosstown, a non-profit news organization run out of the USC Annenberg School of Journalism, is a fascinating effort to improve L.A., neighborhood by neighborhood, with data, computer science, mapping and journalistic curiosity.

Supervisor Barger worries about the homeless

County Supervisor Kathryn Barger shares mixed feelings of many officials as they contemplate public reaction to growing number of homeless on the streets

Galperin's numbers fall short of telling homeless story

Larry Mantle, host of KPCC's AirTalk, expressed the frustration of almost everyone dealing with homelessness when he interviewed City Controller Ron Galperin: "Trying to get one's arm around this thing, very challenging, Ron."

A top LA Times editor says task is "daunting"

One of the most interesting moments in Sewell Chan's talk to Los Angeles Times alums was prompted by a question from Bob Rawitch, a retired Times editor who had been responsible for suburban news coverage.

Feuer and his outside lawyers

Amid the fuss about the private outside lawyers hired by City Atty. Mike Feuer to litigate a big case, I wonder why there wasn't anyone among his office's more than 500 lawyers who could do the work at city pay.

Feuer tackles homeless frustrations

City Atty. Mike Feuer was his usual knowledgeable self as he explained what he'd been doing to combat Los Angeles' seemingly incurable affliction of homelessness.

Garcetti frustrated by decades-old homeless crisis

I don't want to let Mayor Eric Garcetti off the hook but in confronting homelessness, he is dealing with a decades-old tragedy that is woven deeply into Los Angeles' fabric.

Councilman Harris-Dawson and SB50

The fight over SB50, the housing density measure, is far from over even though the measure has been shelved by a powerful Senate committee chairman.

Garcetti criticizes SB 50 delay

Mayor Eric Garcetti has strongly disagreed with the legislature's dumping SB 50, the controversial bill encouraging developers to build big apartments and condos in areas zoned for single family homes.

Rough time for highly controversial SB 50

Legislation encouraging the building of tall multiple dwellings around transit lines in single-family neighborhoods faces obstacles in Sacramento.
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