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The Mayor: Riordan tells of his sins and successes

bill-300.jpg Richard J. Riordan, in his book “The Mayor”, tells of the tragedies in his life and of his extra-marital affairs, divorces and drinking, adding a very human touch to his story of the eight successful years he served as mayor of Los Angeles.

2020 report's slow walk

bill-300.jpg “The time to act is now,” said the LA 2020 Commission in its report last year urging big changes for Los Angeles city government. Not so fast, said City Council President Herb Wesson, who created the commission.

Antonio and the Downtown News

bill-300.jpg I’m a big fan of Jon Regardie, executive editor and columnist for the Los Angeles Downtown News, but I don’t agree with his recent column criticizing former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

The remains of Bunker Hill

bill-300.jpg A walk through the remains of Bunker Hill showed how a colorful old L.A. neighborhood was left barren but rich.

The story teller exits

bill-300.jpg The death of my friend Al Martinez, the Los Angeles Times great columnist, took me back more than a half century when Al and I first worked together at the Oakland Tribune, which he memorialized in his book “The Last City Room.”

Beutner tells plans for the Times

bill-300.jpg By listening carefully to the new Los Angeles Times publisher at Town Hall Los Angeles Wednesday, it was possible to get a sense of Austin Beutner. It was also possible to see where he may be taking the 133-year-old paper.

Times boss Beutner to face civic bigwigs

bill-300.jpg On Wednesday, Austin Beutner, the new publisher and CEO of the Los Angeles Times, will, hopefully, shed light on the future of the paper when he speaks to civic leaders at Town Hall Los Angeles. Here are some questions he could be asked.

The Valley's long recount

bill-300.jpg One of the most fascinating elections of the year is still going on in the northeast San Fernando Valley. Unknown Patty Lopez is holding a narrow lead over influential Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra.

Kuehl, Solis: In labor's pocket?

bill-300.jpg The big question is this: Did all that labor money in Sheila Kuehl's campaign put her in county employee union pockets? The same goes for the other new supervisor, Hilda Solis, also elected with labor support.

Kuehl, Shriver and labor power

bill-300.jpg Sheila Kuehl and Bobby Shriver gave sharp and articulate performances in last Friday night’s debate, showing clear differences between the candidates for the Third District supervisorial seat.

Feuer tackles the grit of urban life

bill-300.jpg A conversation with City Atty. Mike Feuer is a trip through the nitty gritty of city government, starting with dangerous sidewalks and including graffiti prevention, medical marijuana regulation and aid to prostitutes who want a better life.
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