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Ridley-Thomas vs. marijuana

Mark_Ridley-Thomas_wikipedia.jpg Many public officials are already enthusiastically counting the tax dollars that legalization of marijuana will bring into their public treasuries, but not Mark Ridley-Thomas of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Housing-homeless up to Garcetti, Ridley-Thomas

Pressure will be heavy on Mayor Eric Garcetti and County supervisors board chairman Mark Ridley-Thomas to show much more progress with the so-far insoluble housing-homeless problem.

Bonin: emergency action needed for homeless

Homelessness is an emergency, says Councilman Mike Bonin, and requires a response equal to what the federal disaster agency does when a hurricane strikes

History matters even in Los Angeles

The past shapes the future, and that was the theme of a report released Thursday, "Space To Lead: A Century of Civic Leadership In Los Angeles."

Shop at a Metro station

Banks, ATMs, retail and restaurants at Metro stations would produce revenue and be a great convenience for riders.

Homeless housing to be spread around city

The first batch of homeless housing to be built by last year's $1.2 billion bond is to be scattered around Los Angeles instead of being concentrated in Skid Row.

An LA Times union is a good thing

The news that union organizers are signing up workers at the Los Angeles Times, once a fierce anti-union bastion, is a fascinating footnote to the history of a city once dominated by the paper.

Rendon fights for neglected Southeast

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon counts construction cranes in downtown Los Angeles. It helps him compare booming downtown to his economically depressed and neglected district in Southeast Los Angeles County.

Mendoza plan: sneaky or reform?

Why should a voter in Butte County, deep in the northern part of the state, have a say in how Los Angeles County is governed?

Help for the homeless a phone call away?

A homeless encampment appears under a freeway or in a park near you. You’re a public spirited Angeleno. Who do you call?

Hahn vs. the sheriff on immigration

Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn says it’s “not the county sheriff’s job to be involved in immigration issues.”

Homeless help begins soon

After the surprising victory of Measure H, county and city officials and non-profit organizations are planning to move quickly to put its money to work.

Measure H: Maybe government works

It’s something of a miracle that Measure H, the Los Angeles County tax increase to improve services for the homeless, may be near voter approval.
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