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LA CAO Santana and the complexities of homelessness

bill-300.jpg “Homelessness is a problem that involves thousands of people and requires a massive response but at the end of the day it’s really about one person at a time,“ said Miguel Santana, Los Angeles’ city administrative officer.

Krekorian, bike lanes and street vendors

bill-300.jpg The negatives and positives of a changing Los Angeles were on display Monday when the chairman of the city council’s budget and finance committee spoke to lawyers, lobbyists, union leaders and other city hall aficionados.

Beutner's praise of journalism pros sounds good

bill-300.jpg The best part of Austin Beutner’s talk at Columbia was his praise for experienced journalists and his appreciation of the skill their trade requires to cover complex institutions such as Los Angeles city hall.

Garcetti's homeless challenge

bill-300.jpg After months embracing some of the most punitive anti-homeless laws in the country, Los Angeles city hall has unexpectedly shown a measure of compassion.

Patt Morrison's Beutner farewell

bill-300.jpg Of all the comments prompted by the firing of Austin Beutner as publisher of the Los Angeles Times, the most meaningful came from the paper’s thoughtful and talented Patt Morrison.

An excellent Tom Bradley documentary

bill-300.jpg The excellent new documentary, “Bridging the Divide: Tom Bradley and the Politics of Race,” tells the terrible story of race relations in Los Angeles.

Wrong-headed supes and the homeless

bill-300.jpg The wrong-headed decision by the five Los Angeles County supervisors to consolidate power in their own hands comes at the worst possible time, just as the county is facing a homeless crisis of epic proportions.

African American political currents in LA

bill-300.jpg From Los Angeles city hall to the county building up the hill, African American political activists are thinking about the mayor's race and the future of black representation on the board of supervisors.

LA's no drama water boss

bill-300.jpg Marcie Edwards, Los Angeles' water boss, gives an audience no sense of the calamitous nature of the drought. But maybe that’s as it should be.

Mendoza plan could help elect an Asian American supervisor

bill-300.jpg With David Ryu, a Korean American, just elected to the Los Angeles City Council, attention should now turn to putting an Asian American on the county board of supervisors.

Reprieve for UCLA baseball stadium?

bill-300.jpg The best place to watch baseball in Los Angeles is not Dodger Stadium. It’s Jackie Robinson Stadium, the small, elegant home of the UCLA baseball Bruins. Unfortunately for the university, the ballpark occupies 10 acres of the 387-acre Veterans Administration health facility in West Los Angeles, land reserved for housing and treating veterans.
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