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Garcetti's tech obstacles

bill-300.jpg It’s not easy to figure out Mayor Eric Garcetti’s grand plan for Los Angeles, or even if he has one. His state of the city speech Thursday didn’t help. "It starts with modern technology,” the mayor said, and then sort of left us hanging.

Bill Thomas, boss and friend

bill-300.jpg Many great memories of my boss and friend, the former Los Angeles Times editor William F. Thomas.

The story behind the Ridley-Thomas garage caper

bill-300.jpg The story behind the Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas’ garage-home-office controversy is one familiar to millions---a beef over home remodeling.

An odd Garcetti DWP appointment

bill-300.jpg There are serious questions about Mayor Eric Garcetti’s appointment of former Department of Water and Power General Manager David Wiggs as assistant general manager in charge of the public utility’s electric system.

Garcetti, Feuer, Galperin: A trio of flamethrowers?

bill-300.jpg It was interesting to hear how City Controller Ron Galperin arranged to have Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Atty. Mike Feuer join him for a press conference last month blasting the head of the big union representing Department of Water and Power employees.

LA 2020 Commission cool toward public transit

bill-300.jpg Waiting for a train at Metro Center Station in downtown Los Angeles—the platform full of Blue Line and Expo Line riders--I wondered at the LA 2020 Commission’s cool dismissal of a mass transit system that is growing into a real asset .

Spotlight shines on de Blasio, ignores Garcetti

bill-300.jpg Pity Mayor Eric Garcetti. Judging from the news coverage, Bill de Blasio of New York is now America’s most famous mayor while the mayor of the second most populous city is toiling away with dwindling attention from the news media.

Supervisorial maneuverings: Noguez II?

bill-300.jpg The many ethnic currents of Los Angeles County politics continue to reach from the suburbs through the heart of Los Angeles, piercing the forbidding walls of the downtown county building.
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