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LA Observed is where media watchers in California and across the Internet come for their daily fix on Los Angeles. The readers are journalists, media executives, community leaders, newsmakers and other active participants in the public and cultural life of Los Angeles.

In 2010 more than 4.2 million visitors clicked on LA Observed. They are the most engaged and media-savvy audience in Southern California. For more on the site, visit the About page.

Ad opportunities

For 2011, we have some new advertising opportunities to offer. All ads are placed through Blogads, a service that represents many popular websites and blogs.

Rectangle: 300 x 250

Rectangle 300x250

This ad will run above the fold on the most popular LA Observed pages. The size is 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high. Visit this Blogads page for prices and requirements.

Additional placements for this size rectangle ad will become available early in 2011.

Sidebar ads

Placements in the advertising column are available on every page of LA Observed. These ads are 150 pixels wide and vary in price by height, duration and prominence on the page. Click the Blogads links below for each location.

Top spot: These ads have the highest position in the advertising sidebar on every page.

Premium ads: These offer a more economical way to reach the LA Observed audience.

Want to suggest another placement that works for you? Email the publisher. LA Observed never mixes advertising with blog posts and is not interested in selling placement of keywords and other text ads.


What are your advertising policies?

Some are spelled out below. Go here for more detailed advertising policies.

Do sponsors and advertisers receive special treatment on LA Observed?

No. Advertisers should not assume they will be mentioned more or less often based on their ads. Readers should not consider an ad as an endorsement by LA Observed.

How about political ads?

Campaigns, politicians and causes are welcome to advertise. Their ads should be in good taste and not libelous, and they should pay close attention to the disclaimer above. Sponsorship and advertising buys them nothing in terms of how they are treated on LA Observed. Ads are not endorsements, pro or con.

Are ads subject to approval?

Yes. Ads should fit the look and audience of LA Observed. The publisher is the final judge on whether an ad is appropriate, and a certain amount of personal taste and individual prerogative may come into play.

Do you still offer a discount for books, blogs and L.A. events?

That program has been discontinued. An alternative way to support local authors is under discussion.

Can I advertise even if I don't want to use Blogads?

The Blogads process is continually being improved. Contact LAO's publisher directly to discuss custom advertising opportunities.

Updated 1/1/2011

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