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Ex-blogger Ken Layne has a desert magazine

desert-oracle.jpg The original Los Angeles media and politics blogger is featured in today's Column One in the LA Times.
p-41-sly-nps.jpg P-41, an adult male weighing 130 pounds, was tagged and released on May 7 in the mountain range above Burbank and Glendale.
Only in LA

Only in LA: Harvey's healthcare guide

diethrupharmacy.jpg Your official Harvey Healthcare Guide will keep you from feeling like you're just a number.
Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears weekly at LA Observed. Click on the image to see it bigger. Check out Gary's archive.
Hyperloop hoop
hyperloop-hoop.jpgLooks like Hyperloop Technologies is right at home in the Arts District. More and bigger
Grave number one
abner-prather-flags-obelisk.jpgAbner Prather was the first veteran to be buried at what became the Los Angeles National Cemetery. Backstory and photos
Egg slutsters
egg-slutsters.jpgThese lucky seven got seats Saturday afternoon at Grand Central Market's hottest counter. Bigger
elvis-suits.jpgThis was in the Hollywood Hills a few weeks ago. We assume the Elvis suits are long gone.
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Native Intelligence Veronique de Turenne Bill Boyarsky Christensen and Gold

Streetscape | Tujunga Avenue
tujunga-ave-caioti-theatre-.jpg Tujunga Avenue in Studio City.
Chatsworth Lake Manor
checker-monroe-county-sheri.jpgA Checker labeled "Sheriff Monroe County," with palm trees at the northwest edge of the Valley.
Old Cornell
old-place-cornell.jpgThe Old Place on Mulholland Highway. Click to see bigger. Photo: Judy Graeme.
expo-line-overhead-cc.jpgExpo Line, Culver City.
unstoppable-metro-local.jpgRiders may disagree. Metro bus on La Brea.
Spring has come
sycamores-vdt.jpgWildflowers and greenery in the Santa Monica Mountains. Here in Malibu
Breaking away
p-33-face-300.jpgP-33 escapes the Santa Monicas by crossing the 101. Story
Streetscape | Burbank
warner-bros-palms.jpgOlive Avenue side of Warner Bros.