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Steve Harvey is an author and the former Only in LA columnist for the Los Angeles Times. Only in LA now appears at LA Observed.

Steve Harvey may be reached at His Twitter handle is @sharvey9.

Steve Harvey's signs from all over. Check it out.
Steve Harvey's occasional observations from around Los Angeles and beyond.
Steve Harvey collects signs and observations from around Southern California.
Steve Harvey's column of observations, photos and more from around the Los Angeles sphere of influence (and sometimes beyond.)
Steve Harvey's latest collection of photos, signs and quips about Los Angeles and beyond.
Some items on the recent rains, on baseball and of course on signs that just don't say what they should.
Steve Harvey's occasional column of Southern California observations.
What's the question every Angeleno has asked, usually during a traffic jam? Exactly, that one. Plus more of Steve Harvey's observations.
Steve Harvey's personal take on things he finds (or you tell him about) in LA and beyond.
Steve Harvey's latest column of observations from around Southern California. Including Satan in a Dodgers jacket.
The latest column from Steve Harvey strives to elevate the civic conversation.
The deadline for submitting tax returns is fast approaching. Luckily, even if you wait until the last moment, there are tax preparers everywhere, as you can see from these photos I've collected over the years.
Steve Harvey's latest column of observations from Greater Los Angeles and beyond.
Steve Harvey's occasional look at life (and signage) in the Los Angeles area.
Glimpses of life through the lens of LA's own Steve Harvey.
Halloween won't be a special day for the Museum of Death in Hollywood. And more from the streets of Los Angeles (approximately) by Steve Harvey.
Steve Harvey's latest column of the quirky and amusing spotted around LA (approximately.)
Steve Harvey's Only in LA column.
Well, that was going to be the theme. But owing to budget considerations, I've had to limit my layout to a shot of a cuddly couple from the 1920s.
A Westside apartment where canines are reminded to pick up after their owners. The North Hollywood shootout Chevy. An early LAPD mobile phone. Newsroom binoculars. And more: it's Only in LA.
Even the authorized get towed in LA. Plus: a land of extremes, and some road signs are just plain wrong.
Steve Harvey's slightly bent observations on the city around us. This time: must be a good burger in the Grand Central Market, the bias against actors never fully goes away, and at home with two right feet. Plus much more.
Steve Harvey's column of quirky photos and observations.
Steve Harvey's longtime column in the Los Angeles Times, now at LA Observed.
Steve Harvey's unique look at life in the Los Angeles area.

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