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Photos: Fresh lion kill in the San Gabriels

fresh-kill2-martinez.jpg Robert Martinez's cameras stationed in the mountains above Glendora captured two more feeding lions — in color this time.

Dorothea Lange photos of LA poverty in 1936

dorothea-lange-la-mexican-quarter.jpg A month before shooting her famous migrant mother, Lange documented the "Mexican quarter" before it was razed for downtown's Union Station.

Look who's hosting 'Trailblazing Women' on TCM

TBW_About_Collage1.jpg LA Observed contributor Cari Beauchamp brings her film historian chops to a month-long series highlighting female directors back to the industry's first years.

It's the Mojave, Jake

bent-palms-mojave.jpg Bad day yesterday for stereotypes about the Mojave Desert cities being a hotbed of unsavory news.

'Angeleno' new LA series coming from PBS SoCal

angeleno-phoenix-pbs.jpg Producer Peter Jones wants the show to feel inpired by Ralph Story and Huell Howser, "who taught me the best quality to have as a journalist: listening."

Dockweiler Beach closed by Hyperion sewage and debris

hyperion outfall_0.jpg Elevated bacteria counts plus the discovery of hypodermic needles and tampon applicators are tied to Hyperion's switch this week to a pipe dumping treated sewage just a mile offshore.

Journo tries to visit his mom at Clifton's soiree

welcome-to-cliftons.jpg The ashes of Ray Richmond's mom may have been upstairs in the VIP area. But the family felt her presence.

Union Rescue Mission CEO loses use of legs to infections

andy-bales-aron.jpg Andy Bales caught the trifecta of Skid Row infections — E. coli, strep and staph — and now uses a wheelchair. "Conditions on Skid Row are worse than they have ever been…"

From Ramona Gardens to Fenway Park

now-ramirez.jpg Noe Ramirez is the 18,548th player to appear in a major league baseball game, but he's almost certainly the first from the Ramona Gardens projects.

Clifton's was closed all weekend

cliftons-sign.jpg The new Clifton's opened last week but was unexpectedly closed all weekend "due to some unforeseen circumstances," a sign taped to the door said.

Why LA missed the new economy

storper.jpg The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies: Lessons from San Francisco and Los Angeles, should be required reading for people who consider themselves leaders in Los Angeles.

#Mayor_of_Instagram opening at Gary Leonard's gallery

airforceone-by-garcetti.jpg A show of Eric Garcetti's social media photos opens downtown on Saturday and runs through Oct. 31.

Pet camel killed by driver looking at phone

camel-on-truck.jpg The camel would probably have been in Saturday's Agua Dulce parade and some of the locals are pretty upset.

Tale of two LA museums

broad-judy-gallery.jpg The Broad on Bunker Hill looks to be a hit. The Petersen, on the other hand, looks like something...

Garden ornament

green lynx spider12 9-15 - Copy.JPG The latest addition to the back garden moved in unannounced, but not unwelcome.

Los Angeles River with water in it

lariver-rain-91515.jpg The drought has gone on so long there may be new Angelenos who have never seen the concrete Los Angeles River raging. Hola, El Niño.

Los Angeles and the rise of urban ecology

mcdonald cover.jpg LA missed the new economy. Let's not miss the new urban ecology.

Erin Aubry Kaplan on love, race and death of a spouse

alan-kaplan-kcet.jpg "Our hugely improbable, racially romantic story did not mean that we'd solved the problems of the color line. Far from it."

Orcas come to town and frolic for the cameras

orcas-oc.jpg The pod appeared off San Onofre in Orange County this week and provided a show.

Fine Arts to be a Laemmle theater again

fine-arts-large.jpg The Fine Arts movie house on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, dark for five years, reopens Sept. 18. Opened in 1937 as the Wilshire Regina.

Vin Scully literature: Koufax perfect game 50 years ago today

koufax-pg.jpg "There’s 29,000 people in the ballpark and a million butterflies...All the boys in the bullpen straining to get a better look as they look through the wire fence in left field..."

Watch El Ninos build side by side: 1997 and 2015

el-ninos-compared.jpg "I was a little shocked just how closely 2015 resembles 1997 visually," says the visualization creator at UCAR.

Ancient DNA cracks old mystery of the Basques

pottok-and-euskera.jpg California and the lore of LA are rife with Basque immigrants. A new study thinks it can finally answer: who are these people with their odd language?

A Los Angeles poet's 'revolution of everyday life'

sesshu-foster-aljz.jpg Al Jazeera America goes for an Eastside tour with Sesshu Foster, "the poet laureate of a vanishing neighborhood."

The 'Fences' that led to "Riot/Rebellion' in Watts

riot-rebellion-1.jpg Watts Village Theater Company is observing the 50th anniversary of its community's most famous historical moment. And more local productions.

Friday news and notes: End-of-week desk clearing

biker-guardian.jpg Media moves, crime politics, fires, LA bike gangs observed and much more.

Battle of the LA squirrels rages on

GraySquirrel_EasternSquirrel.jpg The contest for dominance between LA's two main squirrel species is one of my favorite local wildlife situations.

LA's last real estate trophy?

Last_Real_Estate_Trophy_thr.jpg "This is as good as it gets," says real estate broker Jeff Hyland: 157 acres on the ridge line above Beverly Hills.

RV encampment on Tujunga Avenue in North Hollywood

rv-nh-12.jpg The blogger at Here in Van Nuys visited with some of the homeless parked in 15 vans, campers and RVs at North Hollywood Park.

Herald Examiner building to go mixed-use

herex-bldg-1915-lapl.jpg The jail cells and other TV sets finally have to move out of the former home of the Los Angeles Examiner (and HerEx) at Broadway and 11th St.

The LA drug education of Oliver Sacks

milch-oliver-sacks-ltla.jpg In Topanga Canyon in 1963, even the doctors got stoned and took acid. Plus: Sacks in the most colorful green room in town.

About 5 million Californians left in last decade, more than ever

bee-map-migration.jpg The net loss to domestic migration is closer to one million. Which destination state was (again) the most popular?

BuzzFeed looking at big expansion to Arts District

ford-factory-shorenstein.jpg Flush with new cash from NBC Universal, BuzzFeed is reported to be looking at the former Ford Model T factory across from Stumptown Coffee on Santa Fe Avenue.

Monday news and notes: Lots of catching up

la-river-main-st-bridge.jpg Items include Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Daniele Watts, Eric Garcetti, Frank Gehry, Aja Brown, Wes Craven, Serena Wlliams, Jessica Mendoza, Claudia Puig and more.
rfk-shot-eppridge.jpg I'm always glad when Steve Lopez goes back and checks on the busboy who cradled Robert F. Kennedy as he lay wounded on election night in June 1968.

Some reasons why LA's rising crime rate is not a surprise

Thumbnail image for homeless-virgil-avenue.jpg Joe Domanick argues that the city's rising poverty and crime rates are related, "coming together in an era of astounding, Third World-like income disparity, declining social services and desperate poverty." And you thought Uber getting into LAX was the big issue of the day.

Trains in Santa Monica
expoline-clear-train-sm.jpgTrains return to Santa Monica (for testing) after 60 years.
The edge
ocean-vdt.jpg The view at the edge of the continent. Veronique de Turenne
LA's newest mountain lions
p-43-kitten.jpgKittens P-43 and P-44 caught and tagged.
LA's lizard season
baby-lizard-nhmla.jpgBaby lizards are all around in August. Story
Studying LA coyotes
coyote-dtla-nps.jpgWhere two Central LA coyotes go. Map
Rare frogs surviving
red-legged-frog-nps.jpgCalifornia red-legged frogs are thriving in the Santa Monicas again.
Crossroads of the World plan
Crossroads-Curbed.jpgA big project hopes to encircle the Hollywood landmark.
Earthquake end times
san-andreas-film-grab.jpgSeismologist Lucy Jones endures 'San Andreas' so you won't have to. Her tweets
Old Cornell
old-place-cornell.jpgThe Old Place on Mulholland Highway. Photo: Judy Graeme.
Look up
lookup-6th+flower.jpgA corner of the downtown LA skyline from 6th and Flower streets.
The name fits in Sawtelle
sawtele-furaibo.jpgSawtelle Japantown is LA's newest blue-sign neighborhood. Kevin Roderick
Streetscape | Pico Boulevard
pico-bike-skeleton.jpgMan and his skeleton riding tandem in Santa Monica. Photo: Sean Roderick
Night on Broadway
los-angeles-theatre-iris.jpgMovie palaces were packed on open house night. Photos by Iris Schneider
Bob Hope compound on the market
bob-hope-estate-google.jpgEstate in Toluca Lake is yours for $23 million. Peek inside
New year at the pier
SM Pacific Park1 1-1-15 - Copy.JPG Santa Monica has a New Year's parade too, in a way. Ellen Alperstein
A word Angelenos should know
rainshadow3.jpgPetrichor: The scent of rain on a dry land. Christensen & Gold
Day of the Dead

day-of-dead-2014-iris.jpgFestivities at Hollywood Forever cemetery. Iris Schneider

The Warwick
the-warwick.jpgCirca 1928 residential building on North Sycamore Avenue.
Little Tokyo
1st-street-little-tokyo.jpgA weekend on 1st Street.
Ficus vs sidewalk
sidewalk-eaten-by-tree.jpgTree wins on Ben Lomond Place in Los Feliz.
La Placita
Front door of Nuestra Señora Reina de los Angeles on a Saturday morning. LA Observed.
alphacast-foundry-santa-fe-.jpgAlpha Cast Foundry casts molten metal about 200 feet from the DTLA hipsters at Stumptown Coffee on Santa Fe Avenue. LAO.
Streetscape: Stoner Avenue
Stoner Avenue in West Los Angeles.
Stained glass
stained-glass-eave.jpgWhen on Wilshire, remember to look up. At Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. LA Observed photo.
Arts District color
color-jg-hewitt-street.jpgSpatters of color on the sidewalk outside the former Al's Bar on Hewitt Street. Judy Graeme/click the pic to enlarge.
Mission Road in Boyle Heights
Mission Road, Boyle Heights. See bigger.
La Brea Avenue
labrea-shop-dino.jpgDinosaur head next to the sidewalk in a shop on La Brea Avenue. See larger.
Exposition Park lawn
expo-park-friday-eve-lao.jpgNice light on a Friday evening in front of the Memorial Coliseum. LA Observed photo.
Sidewalk art
cat-san-vicente.jpgSan Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood. LA Observed photo.
Streetscape: DTLA
streetscape-6thstreet.jpgEast 6th Street in downtown Los Angeles. LA Observed photo.