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New tarantula near Folsom Prison named for Johnny Cash

johnny-cash-tarantula.jpg It's a bit of a stretch, but why not? The spider and the singer both dress in black.

New group to push for faster revival on Broadway

NBLA-Postcard-front.jpg Time for the Broadway theater and entertainment district to be a year-round draw, says longtime activist Hillsman Wright.

Taking in Locol, Roy Choi's new Watts restaurant

locol-choi-poses-iris.jpg The mood one day at lunch was jubilant. The celebrity chef was exhausted but happy.

Tom Bradley documentary goes national on PBS

tom-bradley-at-mic.jpg "Bridging the Divide: Tom Bradley and the Politics of Race" runs Thursday night at 8 p.m. on PBS SoCal.

An Angelena adopts Palo Alto but misses home

palo-alto-apple-store.jpg Molly Selvin didn't realize how much she would miss the crazy salad of Los Angeles.

Parrots heal LA veterans, and the other way too

parrot-care-parrot.jpg At the VA campus off Wilshire Boulevard, damaged birds and veterans are getting over their PTSD.

How LACMA located an authentic zoot suit

zoot-suit-lacma-640crop.jpg For an exhibition on menswear fashion through the years, a zoot suit seemed essential to include.

The story behind one cool LA map

Greater-LASMALL.jpg In this map, it's the mountains and the relationship of the ranges and rivers that make it special.

'Lost LA' series debuts Wednesday on KCET

LOSTLA-subwayterm.jpg New series about Los Angeles and history hosted by Nathan Masters is a co-production with the USC Libraries.

Down on the Silver Lake lakebed (gallery) *

silver-lake-bed-stick-iris.jpg Photographer Iris Schneider went down onto the dry bed of Silver Lake to have a look around.

Loco'l Grand Opening

LAO_RoyChoi.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Treasure hunt for trees from the Gold Rush era

apples-felixgillet.jpg I love the California history behind this story of fruits and nuts.

Small, quirky fixes that might help us get around

bike-path-santa-monica.jpg A bike ferry across Marina del Rey? A pedestrian entrance to Dodger Stadium? Might work!

Monday notes: Politics, media and place

p-46-47-lions.jpg Developments at Porter Ranch. Penske buys Indiewire. Univision buys the Onion. A fake Politico reporter. Local finalists for the National Book Critics Circle. And much more.

New mountain lion kittens: P-46 and P-47 (video)

p-46-47-smiling.jpg A male and a female were born in the western Santa Monicas in November or December.

Our big tsunami will come direct from Alaska

tsunami-hazard-sign.jpg The Semidi segment of the subduction zone in the Aleutian Islands points right at us and is "too quiet."

News and notes for a Tuesday

rhymes-with-orange.jpg Selected items from the media, our in box and other LA Observed sources.

Lalo Alcaraz on how to make it in Hollywood*

BordertownTeam-crop-320.jpg You too can be an overnight success after 20 years, says the writer on the new Fox show "Bordertown."

Streetscape: Railroad Rolls

rolls-vargo.jpg Roger Vargo spotted this undressed Rolls-Royce today beside the railroad tracks near City Terrace.

Audio: Final hour of KFWB in 1968 (with jingles)

Hitching-on-Sunset-640.jpg Popular LA deejay Gene Weed signs off one of the top music stations of its time. The next day, KFWB went all news.

P-22 captured for check-up: looking good

p-22-close-dec2015.jpg Griffith Park mountain lion is over the mange and up to 123 pounds. Still no mate, however.

Classic LA radio station KFWB sold, to go foreign language

kfwb-jack-harry-warner.jpg Once LA's rock powerhouse, after going all-news the station promised "you give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world."

El Niño exposes LA's aquatic conundrum

20160105_00_gfs.jpg What makes a city resilient in one era many not serve it well at all in another.

Musso & Frank to open on Sunday nights

musso-and-frank-nbcla.jpg Only five hours for supper, but it's enough time for the hard-core Musso's types to run in for a martini and a steak.

Photos: Valleywood junkyard cleans up well

upick-door.jpg All the junkyard cars are gone from U-Pick Parts and Aadlen Brothers Auto Wrecking in Sun Valley, after 53 years serving car owners and Hollywood.

Whose river is it? And whose history?

larrMcDermott Small.JPG Rewriting this history to portray the current disagreements as old-fogey nature-lovers vs. the new hip design guard misses the crucial issues that are actually most at stake.

Finalists named for Pershing Square makeover

pershing-square-finalists.jpg The downtown civic push to (re)reinvent Pershing Square took a step forward today with the naming of four final design concepts from which the actual plan will be chosen.

Bel-Air Camera in Westwood to close before Christmas

bel-air-camera-camera.jpg The family-owned store that opened in 1957 was sold just five months ago. Lots of other changes coming to Westwood Village soon.

Surprise lion kitten found in Santa Monicas

cub-of-p23.jpg Cub of P-23 may be the only survivor from her spring litter. Watch the video and hear the young cougar squeak.

Male mountain lion killed on I-5 in Newhall Pass

An untagged male cougar believed to be two to three years old was hit by traffic about 7:30 this morning.

Overheard at Norm's on Pico in West LA

norm's.jpg Where life happens 24/7.

Expo Line in Santa Monica gets first crash out of the way

expo-linecrash-arthur.jpg Train versus truck after an illegal left turn at 7th Street and Colorado about noon Thursday.

Downtown LA in 1946 (video)

1946-film-grab.jpg This training film for parking officers shows a lot of downtown street scenes.

New adult male mountain lion tagged: P-45

P45_Capture_Nov2015.jpg He is three to four years old and the biggest Santa Monica Mountains lion that scientists have tracked since P-1. Now the question is: where did he come from?

Appreciating LA's ghost streets and shapes

la-ghost-streets.jpg Writer Geoff Manaugh has posted at BLDGBLOG his observation that from above, the shapes of blocks, yards and even specific homes reveal the existence of old streets we can't see anymore. And more.

LA still leads the U.S. in manufacturing jobs

crinkling-jeans-npr.jpg NPR series looks at aerospace jobs and the garment industry.

iglesia-aposento-alto-sv.jpgIglesia Aposento Alto. Cantara Street in Sun Valley.
LA's ghost streets
la-ghost-streets.jpgWriter Geoff Manaugh observes the shapes of blocks, yards and homes that reveal the existence of old streets. More
Down by the river
la-river-egyptiangeese-sklar.jpgEgyptian geese in the Los Angeles River channel near the 6th Street Viaduct. Photo: Anna Sklar.
Griffith Observatory in the '30s
griffith-observatory-30s-bentley.jpgDon Bentley submitted this family snapshot. Not much growth on those hills.
Lines of miscommunication
now:under:no.jpgOnly in LA: Steve Harvey's latest column.
mannequin-heads-jg.jpgLast chances on La Brea Avenue. Photo by Judy Graeme. See bigger
Future of Cities
foc-cocktails.jpgAbout 500 people turned out for new group's first LA leadership summit.
Dorothea Lange's LA photos
dorothea-lange-la-mexican-quarter.jpgDowntown's "Mexican quarter" in 1936. Images
Visiting mom at Clifton's
cliftons-workers-rr.jpg Visiting mom's ashes, that is.
Trains in Santa Monica
expoline-clear-train-sm.jpgTrains return to Santa Monica (for testing) after 60 years.
The edge
ocean-vdt.jpg The view at the edge of the continent. Veronique de Turenne
LA's newest mountain lions
p-43-kitten.jpgKittens P-43 and P-44 caught and tagged.
LA's lizard season
baby-lizard-nhmla.jpgBaby lizards are all around in August. Story
Studying LA coyotes
coyote-dtla-nps.jpgWhere two Central LA coyotes go. Map
Rare frogs surviving
red-legged-frog-nps.jpgCalifornia red-legged frogs are thriving in the Santa Monicas again.
Crossroads of the World plan
Crossroads-Curbed.jpgA big project hopes to encircle the Hollywood landmark.
Earthquake end times
san-andreas-film-grab.jpgSeismologist Lucy Jones endures 'San Andreas' so you won't have to. Her tweets
Old Cornell
old-place-cornell.jpgThe Old Place on Mulholland Highway. Photo: Judy Graeme.
The Warwick
the-warwick.jpgCirca 1928 residential building on North Sycamore Avenue.
Little Tokyo
1st-street-little-tokyo.jpgA weekend on 1st Street.
Ficus vs sidewalk
sidewalk-eaten-by-tree.jpgTree wins on Ben Lomond Place in Los Feliz.
La Placita
Front door of Nuestra Señora Reina de los Angeles on a Saturday morning. LA Observed.
alphacast-foundry-santa-fe-.jpgAlpha Cast Foundry casts molten metal about 200 feet from the DTLA hipsters at Stumptown Coffee on Santa Fe Avenue. LAO.
Streetscape: Stoner Avenue
Stoner Avenue in West Los Angeles.
Stained glass
stained-glass-eave.jpgWhen on Wilshire, remember to look up. At Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. LA Observed photo.
Arts District color
color-jg-hewitt-street.jpgSpatters of color on the sidewalk outside the former Al's Bar on Hewitt Street. Judy Graeme/click the pic to enlarge.
Mission Road in Boyle Heights
Mission Road, Boyle Heights. See bigger.
La Brea Avenue
labrea-shop-dino.jpgDinosaur head next to the sidewalk in a shop on La Brea Avenue. See larger.
Exposition Park lawn
expo-park-friday-eve-lao.jpgNice light on a Friday evening in front of the Memorial Coliseum. LA Observed photo.
Sidewalk art
cat-san-vicente.jpgSan Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood. LA Observed photo.
Streetscape: DTLA
streetscape-6thstreet.jpgEast 6th Street in downtown Los Angeles. LA Observed photo.