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AltaSea at the Port of LA plans unveiled

Gensler-AltaSea-1.jpg Another phase in the remake of San Pedro's waterfront had the wraps taken off.

Hawaiian history pays a visit to LACMA

lacma-dancers1.jpg The museum's newest exhibition explores featherwork items from the era in Hawaii that predates the cultural carnage that followed the Christian missionaries.

Extra pickles with this movie, please*

Sheldon-Cohen-320.jpg A writer/producer serves up some film promotion and a side of fries.

Expo Line to Santa Monica opened Friday at noon

bus-service-expo-line.jpg Train service returns to the beach city for the first time since 1953, though the old Red Cars were dead long before that.

The richest man in Los Angeles is still...

LA-Cover-20160516.jpg The Los Angeles Business Journal's annual exercise of estimating net worth has again tabbed Patrick Soon-Shiong as number one. Here are the top 10.

CBS This Morning follows Jonathan Gold around (video)

jgold-cbs-grab-walking.jpg Correspondent Lee Cowan went out on rounds along Pico Boulevard with Gold for a piece pegged to the documentary, "City of Gold."

Face painting in the DTLA piñata district

face-painting-cookie.jpg Sunday afternoon on East Olympic Boulevard.

SI: The finest baseball announcer that ever lived

si-cover-vin-scully-crop.jpg This is the piece you want to read as the games tick away in our time with Vin Scully.

Miss you, Mom

Pearl and Ellen 1976 copy.jpg This year, I won't be able to wish my mother a happy Mother's Day.

Still just Burbank Airport to many of us

united-airport-opens-1930.jpg Bob Hope has been a dumb name for an airport for 12 years. So they are going with Hollywood Burbank (again.)

Yamashiro closure plan leaves weddings in disarray

yamashiro-inner-garden.jpg The old owner is still fighting eviction by the Chinese buyer of the Hollywood hillside landmark.

California observed: 40 million and counting

405-looking-north.jpg The state's population is officially nudging 40 million and Los Angeles has gone over four million.

Sheriff's chief of staff resigns over racist email jokes

sheriff-car-lao.jpg Tom Angel forwarded derogatory jokes and as criticism built, McDonnell couldn't save him.

Bernie's first time on TV: 'Looks like the village idiot'

bernie-sanders-in-1972.png The time was 1972. Sanders says, "I would never vote for a bum like that!”

For first time, panel urges parole of Leslie Van Houten

van-houten-in-jail-color.jpg Before the former Charles Manson follower could actually get parole, the full state parole board and Gov. Jerry Brown would have to approve.

Moody desert

a.m. Blueridge Court 4-8-16.jpg It's damp, it's gray, it's oh-so-welcome weather in the preternaturally sunny desert.

LA losing its native black widow spiders

brown-widow-kcet.jpg Brown widow spiders from Africa are becoming the region's dominant venomous spider.

An open letter from the Rafu Shimpo

Rafu-staff-Circa-1920s.jpg The publisher says the money-losing, 103-year-old journal of LA's Japanese American community will have to close this year unless something changes.

Beginning of the end for us and Vin Scully

vin-on-plane-jonsoohoo-dodgers.jpg Dodgers official photographer Jon SooHoo begins to chronicle the final season.

Hollywood versus the freeway that carries its name

cahuenga_valley_parkway_postcard.jpg Lost LA's Nathan Masters curates a look at the urban carnage wrought by construction of the Hollywood Freeway in the 1950s.

For John Simmons, it all started in the '60s

simmons-Alijendro Santiago (Oaa=xaca MX. 2014).jpg Cinematographer John Simmons first turned his eye on the black community in Chicago. His exhibit is in Koreatown until April 10.

City of irreconcilable dreams

dream-cities-cover-320.jpg A new history of urban ideas offers a cautionary tale about the dreams that have shaped LA and the big new ideas we hope might shape the city of the future.

Lucy Jones is retiring from USGS and quakes

lucy-jones-bridge.jpg She remains at Caltech and will work more on the effects of climate change and global warming.

Photo: Another Starbucks coming in Santa Monica

starbucks-pico-sm.jpg A former stand-alone Kentucky Fried Chicken on Pico Boulevard is well along in its conversion.

Hummers hatch

mom and baby hummers3 3-12-16 - Copy.JPG The avian neonatal unit is full.

After P-22 kills the zoo's koala, what now?

p-22-close-dec2015.jpg The mountain lion's long-term prognosis doesn't get any better on the news that he's probably preying on the LA Zoo's animals now.

Trailer for 'City of Gold,' film about Jonathan Gold

jgold-screen-grab.jpg The documentary opens Friday in Los Angeles and New York.

Superbugs? Toilet to tap is safer than surfing*

Hyperion-Treatment-Plant.jpg I'm happy whenever infrastructure gets on the front page. But here's what really keeps a scientist up at night.

Russ Parsons purges his cookbooks after 30 years

parsons-cookbook.jpg The former LA Times food editor donated upwards of 500 cookbooks to the Long Beach Public Library. But it wasn't easy.

Another great old map from Glen Creason of LAPL

wonder-city-map.jpg There is too much wallowing in LA history by local media and blogs, but the regular maps feature from Los Angeles Magazine doesn't count.

Monday news and notes: Politics, media and more

sunset-mag-oakland.jpg Competing ballot measures on housing in LA. Rising crime rates. Winter heat is back. And much more.

Birds aborning in the desert

hummingbird nest1 - blueridge 2-20-16 - Copy.JPG A tiny visitor has moved in and created a neonatal unit.

Jose Antonio Vargas and the LA Times agree to break up

jose-antonio-vargas-michael-conti.jpg His #EmergingUS seeks to raise $1 million in 60 days in a new partnership with Beacon.

Paris Photo Los Angeles is cancelled

PPLA_2015.jpg The organizers blame lack of a mature market for art fairs in Los Angeles.

Artist gives his childhood Manhattan Beach house a big sendoff

manhattan-beach-house-iris.jpg Photos of Gary Sweeney's childhood are visible from the street, with guided tours each Wednesday in February. The house will seen be razed.

Did someone mention a lake?

stadium-site-satellite.jpg Some environmentally conscious ideas for the NFL stadium planned for Inglewood.

Rooftop pool
eastern-columbia-pool.jpgDowntown's Eastern Columbia building.
Vin Scully's 67th opening day
vin-scully-opener-2016-ocampo.jpgNo words needed.
Homework table
verve-homework-table.jpgThe communal table at Verve Coffee Roasters on Spring Street is always packed.
iglesia-aposento-alto-sv.jpgIglesia Aposento Alto. Cantara Street in Sun Valley.
LA's ghost streets
la-ghost-streets.jpgWriter Geoff Manaugh observes the shapes of blocks, yards and homes that reveal the existence of old streets. More
Down by the river
la-river-egyptiangeese-sklar.jpgEgyptian geese in the Los Angeles River channel near the 6th Street Viaduct. Photo: Anna Sklar.
Griffith Observatory in the '30s
griffith-observatory-30s-bentley.jpgDon Bentley submitted this family snapshot. Not much growth on those hills.
Lines of miscommunication
now:under:no.jpgOnly in LA: Steve Harvey's latest column.
mannequin-heads-jg.jpgLast chances on La Brea Avenue. Photo by Judy Graeme. See bigger
Future of Cities
foc-cocktails.jpgAbout 500 people turned out for new group's first LA leadership summit.
Dorothea Lange's LA photos
dorothea-lange-la-mexican-quarter.jpgDowntown's "Mexican quarter" in 1936. Images
Visiting mom at Clifton's
cliftons-workers-rr.jpg Visiting mom's ashes, that is.
Trains in Santa Monica
expoline-clear-train-sm.jpgTrains return to Santa Monica (for testing) after 60 years.
The edge
ocean-vdt.jpg The view at the edge of the continent. Veronique de Turenne
LA's newest mountain lions
p-43-kitten.jpgKittens P-43 and P-44 caught and tagged.
LA's lizard season
baby-lizard-nhmla.jpgBaby lizards are all around in August. Story
Studying LA coyotes
coyote-dtla-nps.jpgWhere two Central LA coyotes go. Map
Rare frogs surviving
red-legged-frog-nps.jpgCalifornia red-legged frogs are thriving in the Santa Monicas again.
The Warwick
the-warwick.jpgCirca 1928 residential building on North Sycamore Avenue.
Little Tokyo
1st-street-little-tokyo.jpgA weekend on 1st Street.
Ficus vs sidewalk
sidewalk-eaten-by-tree.jpgTree wins on Ben Lomond Place in Los Feliz.
La Placita
Front door of Nuestra Señora Reina de los Angeles on a Saturday morning. LA Observed.
alphacast-foundry-santa-fe-.jpgAlpha Cast Foundry casts molten metal about 200 feet from the DTLA hipsters at Stumptown Coffee on Santa Fe Avenue. LAO.
Streetscape: Stoner Avenue
Stoner Avenue in West Los Angeles.
Stained glass
stained-glass-eave.jpgWhen on Wilshire, remember to look up. At Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. LA Observed photo.
Arts District color
color-jg-hewitt-street.jpgSpatters of color on the sidewalk outside the former Al's Bar on Hewitt Street. Judy Graeme/click the pic to enlarge.
Mission Road in Boyle Heights
Mission Road, Boyle Heights. See bigger.
La Brea Avenue
labrea-shop-dino.jpgDinosaur head next to the sidewalk in a shop on La Brea Avenue. See larger.
Exposition Park lawn
expo-park-friday-eve-lao.jpgNice light on a Friday evening in front of the Memorial Coliseum. LA Observed photo.
Sidewalk art
cat-san-vicente.jpgSan Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood. LA Observed photo.
Streetscape: DTLA
streetscape-6thstreet.jpgEast 6th Street in downtown Los Angeles. LA Observed photo.