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Bass caught in MacArthur Park Lake

bass-macarthurpark-zocalo.jpg Steve Hymon photographs the colorful characters and scenes — and fauna — at the park that gave Westlake its name.

Birds still not thriving in damaged Sepulveda Basin reserve

sepulveda-dam-tagging.jpg Greenery has returned, but few bird species are spotted in the reserve where the Army Corps abruptly tore out trees and habitat in 2012.

P-22 has moved on for now, wildlife officials confirm*

p-22-nbc-browning.jpg During the night he left the Los Feliz crawl space where he waited out the media scrum. The cougar has been tracked to a Griffith Park canyon where he is fine.

P-22 is holed up under a house in Los Feliz (video)*

p-22-screen-grab.jpg As of Tuesday morning the cat may have moved on from Glendower Avenue.

Lalo Alcaraz on Walter Scott, a cop and a cellphone

walter-scott-cartoon-lalo-alcaraz.jpg The Los Angeles cartoonist posted his take on the killing in South Carolina of another unarmed black man and the unmasking of the police cover-up.

LAT: Scientologist-in-chief had his father followed and bugged

scientology-center.jpg Investigators hired by the church tracked the defector father of David Miscavige for 18 months, the story says. Miscavige denies it.
1969-Thunderbirds.jpg If you remember the names Ralphie Valladares and Shirley Hardman, this post is for you. Whoa, Nellie!

And a vote FOR the new parking signs...

parking-signs-npr-samsanders.jpg People on the street in DTLA aren't sold yet on the new parking signs, but a writer at CityLab loves them. Here's why.

A Dutch woman has been photographing Skid Row for 6 years

skid-row-vanhoek.jpg Désirée van Hoek says people ask why "a relatively wealthy, white girl from Amsterdam" spends her summers in LA taking photos of the poor and homeless.

Rain and snow coming this week

nws-rain-4-6-15.jpg Expect a day of rain on Tuesday with snow above 4,500 feet. NWS expects about up to an inch of rain.

Pico Union Project is more than a women's mosque

pico-union-project-jj.jpg LA's oldest Jewish synagogue building is now used for prayer by many kinds of congregations. That's not by accident.

Muslim female surfers and modesty on KCET*

Ep745_FemaleMuslimSurfers_03.18.15 copy.jpg Local surfers who are observant Muslims and female and the challenges they face, tonight on 'SoCal Connected.' Plus orcas, an urban farm and Hollyhock House.
pie-hole-marketplace.jpg News and notes from LA Observed on politics, media and place plus a couple of tweets of the day.

Deadline co-editor does the mea culpa over diverse casting

empire-cast-deadline.jpg Michael Fleming says last week's story suggesting there was too much diversity in TV casting was a big mistake: "Our hearts are heavy with regret."

New Expo Line stations getting their art

expo-line-west-art.jpg Metro is installing the artwork for the elevated station at Sepulveda Boulevard. Westwood/Rancho Park and Palms went first.

100 years ago today, the Valley made Los Angeles big

annex-map-sfv-part.jpg Sunday is the centennial of, arguably, the most significant public vote in the history of Los Angeles.

Sawtelle Japantown is now official

sawtelle-japantown-signage.jpg The city's first blue signs for the new district were unveiled on Sunday.

The California desert welcomes spring

JT, chuckwalla, Mastodon Peak35 3-15 - Copy.JPG For our money, the best version of March madness plays out not on the hardwood, but the desert floor.

30 new species of flies discovered buzzing Los Angeles

30newSpeciesoffly-nhm.jpg This level of previously unknown biodiversity surprised scientists and makes them wonder: what other mystery species are living in our backyards?

Atmospheric rivers she has known

atmos-rivers-peng.jpg Scientist Grace Peng reminds us there was a time when the Pacific inundated California with rivers of free water from the sky.

News and notes: Bush coming, bookstore closing & more

RauschLA-hunt.jpg Jeb Bush to raise cash in Bel Air. Supes look to raise minimum age. A new column in Daily News. More notes on politics, media and place.
ave50-monte-vista-hp.jpg In "Viva Gentrification!," Hector Tobar says whites are returning to Latino enclaves such as Highland Park.
starbucks-baristas-640.jpg Starbucks CEO says the order to write "Race Together" on cups ends Monday. Everyone in line says thanks.

Young lion P-33 crosses the 101 freeway - going north

p-33-face-nps.jpg It's just the second time researchers have spotted a lion successfully crossing the freeway — and the first to leave the Santa Monicas.
alejandra-campoverdi-ucla.jpg Alejandra Campoverdi will be managing editor of #EmergingUS. She worked in the White House from 2009-2012 and has a media background.

Norms passes another landmark hurdle

norms-alan-hess.jpg The city's Board of Cultural Heritage Commissioners today voted unanimously to extend history-cultural monument status to the threatened Norms coffee shop on North La Cienega.

More than 700 sea lions now in California shelters

sea-lion-pmcc-jake.jpg Already, this year has seen the most stranding of emaciated sea lions in memory. Warmer waters driving away the food is suspected.

Doing business on historical properties in LA

the-bloc-sign.jpg Wayne Ratkovich says that getting a historic designation on a building can be a good thing. He should know.

Four years later: Japan still recovering from quake and tsunami

namie-house.jpg And in California, the threat of a magnitude 8 quake, the Big One for us, has been raised by USGS.

Video: Those maps found in a Mt. Washington cottage

glen-creason-video-grab.jpg The story of the LAPL map treasure collected by John Feathers is told in a video for the LA Review of Books.

Days sound numbered for Norms on La Cienega

norms-la-cienega.jpg The news doesn't really get better for fans of the Googie-style Norms coffee shop.

The end of our outside in lifestyle

crestwood hills.jpg Will we look back on late 20th century LA--often thought of as the worst of times with the city's sprawling conquest of nature--as paradoxically the best of times when a style of architecture briefly prevailed that invited the outside in, and the inside out?
pipeline-cover.jpg "Pipeline" became "one of Southern California's most recognizable musical exports — an instrumental anthem to riding the waves and living the life..."

In the Sawtelle district, a name change that makes sense

sawtelle-hide-sushi.jpg Designating Sawtelle Japantown has more local authenticity than Little Osaka or West LA.

Ride & Prejudice

compton-cowboy.jpg A new film is raising funds on Kickstarter to document the story of the Compton Cowboys, black cowboys who have been a South LA tradition since the 19th Century.

A portrait of the ecologist as an old misanthrope

12monkeys300.jpg It's still shocking to see that for some environmentalists, a love of other living beings goes hand in hand with a hatred for their fellow human beings.

Look up
lookup-6th+flower.jpgA corner of the downtown LA skyline from 6th and Flower streets.
The name fits in Sawtelle
sawtele-furaibo.jpgSawtelle Japantown is LA's newest blue-sign neighborhood. Kevin Roderick
Streetscape | Pico Boulevard
pico-bike-skeleton.jpgMan and his skeleton riding tandem in Santa Monica. Photo: Sean Roderick
Night on Broadway
los-angeles-theatre-iris.jpgMovie palaces were packed on open house night. Photos by Iris Schneider
Bob Hope compound on the market
bob-hope-estate-google.jpgEstate in Toluca Lake is yours for $23 million. Peek inside
New year at the pier
SM Pacific Park1 1-1-15 - Copy.JPG Santa Monica has a New Year's parade too, in a way. Ellen Alperstein
A word Angelenos should know
rainshadow3.jpgPetrichor: The scent of rain on a dry land. Christensen & Gold
Day of the Dead

day-of-dead-2014-iris.jpgFestivities at Hollywood Forever cemetery. Iris Schneider

Little Tokyo
1st-street-little-tokyo.jpgA weekend on 1st Street.
Ficus vs sidewalk
sidewalk-eaten-by-tree.jpgTree wins on Ben Lomond Place in Los Feliz.
Ridiculous palm weeds
palm-weed-family.jpgIt's almost as if the three fan palm young 'uns have come to visit the palm tree zoo. Or a jailed parent. Bigger
Sky and palm
sky-and-palm.jpgGreat skies we had one day. #DTLA. Bigger on Facebook
Take our picture Gary Leonard
gary-crowd-at-lapl.jpg Gary Leonard photo of the audience at his Central Library conversation with Kevin Roderick. Bigger
Scythed chariot
Second Street, Santa Monica Place3 8-14 - Copy.JPGSpotted in Santa Monica by Ellen Alperstein. More
Fans at KCON
kpop-emoting.jpg Fans swoon at LA's big Korean music festival. More photos by Iris Schneider
Sylmar ranchette
rancho-temblor-sylmar.jpgSylmar ranch still evokes the disaster of 1971.
Under the 405
under-405-parthenia.jpgHomeless' belongings parked in the shade under the freeway on Parthenia Street in North Hills. LA Observed photo
The Warwick
the-warwick.jpgCirca 1928 residential building on North Sycamore Avenue.
Little Tokyo
1st-street-little-tokyo.jpgA weekend on 1st Street.
Ficus vs sidewalk
sidewalk-eaten-by-tree.jpgTree wins on Ben Lomond Place in Los Feliz.
La Placita
Front door of Nuestra Señora Reina de los Angeles on a Saturday morning. LA Observed.
alphacast-foundry-santa-fe-.jpgAlpha Cast Foundry casts molten metal about 200 feet from the DTLA hipsters at Stumptown Coffee on Santa Fe Avenue. LAO.
Streetscape: Stoner Avenue
Stoner Avenue in West Los Angeles.
Stained glass
stained-glass-eave.jpgWhen on Wilshire, remember to look up. At Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. LA Observed photo.
Arts District color
color-jg-hewitt-street.jpgSpatters of color on the sidewalk outside the former Al's Bar on Hewitt Street. Judy Graeme/click the pic to enlarge.
Mission Road in Boyle Heights
Mission Road, Boyle Heights. See bigger.
La Brea Avenue
labrea-shop-dino.jpgDinosaur head next to the sidewalk in a shop on La Brea Avenue. See larger.
Exposition Park lawn
expo-park-friday-eve-lao.jpgNice light on a Friday evening in front of the Memorial Coliseum. LA Observed photo.
Sidewalk art
cat-san-vicente.jpgSan Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood. LA Observed photo.
Streetscape: DTLA
streetscape-6thstreet.jpgEast 6th Street in downtown Los Angeles. LA Observed photo.