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August 30, 2011

By a handful of degrees...'s cooler today. That's if you're looking over your shoulder at Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Here's a picture of Echo Park Avenue over the weekend, where a child's lemonade stand had people lined up, seeking relief. At Baxter Ave. And those already filled glasses? Already bought by Chicken Corner.



August 29, 2011

The Pakistan Report

Yes, it's true. Chicken Corner is not just the intersection at Delta and Echo Park Avenue. Nor is it a place where chickens have been herded with a wall at their backs. Or an L.A. blog. In Pakistan, it's drama -- with jokes. As in this video, which landed in my inbox this morning. The opening sequence is gloriously foreign and funny at the same time. I am sure the rest is excellent, too, but the jokes fluttered over my head without so much as a wink or hello.

August 18, 2011

The Patootie Chronicles II


Somehow things have moved in this direction: I used to cook chickens for dinner. Now, I cook dinner for chickens.

Turned out today they didn't like their boiled carrots much, even cooked (maybe a sweet sauce would help). But they loved the brocco. Yum. A nice change from their usual raw greens and fruits. Especially for Cutie Patootie, who, I am happy to report is doing just fine.

These days she loves to follow my daughter around the backyard, where Madeleine lifts rocks, and Cutie checks for bugs. A potato bug is a major treat. Beats boiled broccoli, in Cutie's book, at least. It's disgusting to watch her enjoying the tidbit, but pleasant to see the little hen so happy. And it's nice to know the hideous thing has been disposed of ethically.

Now, it's time to cook some shrimp for the humans to eat.


Got blueberries?

August 8, 2011

Window shopping on Sunset

Another Breakfast at Tiffany's moment at Echo Park's Out of the Closet, where the window-displays dazzle and seduce. A sign in the low-ground declares -- tongue in cheek no doubt -- that the mannequin's wardrobes are not for sale. The message? Less is more?




August 5, 2011

Friends in bad trouble

So, a duck and a hen walk into the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter, and... no, wait, they didn't walk in, they're prisoners! But they're friends. And one of them laid an egg. What kind of hen lays an egg on a cement floor? An unhappy one.

This video was forwarded to Chicken Corner by Donna Barstow. No word on how the dynamic duo landed in the Baldwin Park facility, but there they are. Friends in trouble. Bad trouble.

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