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The Patootie Chronicles II


Somehow things have moved in this direction: I used to cook chickens for dinner. Now, I cook dinner for chickens.

Turned out today they didn't like their boiled carrots much, even cooked (maybe a sweet sauce would help). But they loved the brocco. Yum. A nice change from their usual raw greens and fruits. Especially for Cutie Patootie, who, I am happy to report is doing just fine.

These days she loves to follow my daughter around the backyard, where Madeleine lifts rocks, and Cutie checks for bugs. A potato bug is a major treat. Beats boiled broccoli, in Cutie's book, at least. It's disgusting to watch her enjoying the tidbit, but pleasant to see the little hen so happy. And it's nice to know the hideous thing has been disposed of ethically.

Now, it's time to cook some shrimp for the humans to eat.


Got blueberries?

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