Beauty and the Beast at the Rock and Roll Cafe, Part II

Here's a link to my Independent piece about the collision between Lana Clarkson and Phil Spector, as promised in my recent blog on this site. In this article, I explore their lives and the forces that may have propelled them to a deadly encounter at Spector's home four years ago. The article includes interviews with friends and colleagues of both who have not been interviewed elsewhere, such as Denny Bruce, an old friend of Spector who says, "I am the black man saying that OJ did not do this crime," and various Clarkson pals who talk about her frequent wrist injuries and wonder how much strength she had in her hands on the night the gun went off. As mentioned in my earlier blog, the article also takes a deep look at the strange Tom Wolfe connection. And then, of course, there's the ghost of Marilyn Monroe...

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