Only in LA: Attention, shoppers

johnies-jukebox.jpgFirst, Philippe's raises the price of a cup of coffee from 9 to 45 cents. Then Angels Flight hikes its toll from 25 to 50 cents. Are there any bargains left?

Yes, a few. No, really — I have proof.

You can play two songs for 25 cents on the 60-year-old counter jukeboxes in Johnnie's Pastrami shop in Culver City. Elvis lives!

ross+cutlery+scale.jpgOutside Ross Cutlery in downtown L.A., you can weigh yourself for one thin dime.

grand+central+restroom.jpgAnd you can use the subterranean restroom at the Grand Central Market for just a quarter.

Hey, wait a minute

OK, some folks might not agree that the restroom charge is a great bargain. While Only in LA was snapping photos of the restroom door — a risky undertaking, by the way — a woman asked what was going on.

Told the nature of the investigation, she responded, "Oh. Well, we're from Texas. We don't have to pay to use the bathrooms down there."

Come to think of it, the Grand Central Market should at least offer validations to diners.

Boulder California

buellton+boulder.jpgAt least one merchant evidently hopes the big rock at the L.A. County Museum of Art has started a shopping trend, judging from the sign I spotted in Buellton, south of San Luis Obispo. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Was somebody stoned?

sh-fix-iphones.jpgDavid Batterson noticed a less-than-reassuring, on-line job ad from a Studio City concern (which should show some concern for spelling.)

Speaking of profetionals

accouning+sign.jpgI'm not sure I'd trust my income tax return with this specialist.

Apprentice panhandler at work

A lad of about 4 or 5 boarded the Blue Line in Compton in the company of a young woman. When she began asking passengers for donations, he drowned her out, screaming, "Give me money! Give me money!" to the captive audience. He was rewarded with cries of "Shhh!"

Another strategy for netting handouts was used by a street person in Long Beach on St. Patrick's Day eve. He wore a green lei and held up a sign that said, "Something green please." At least he said please.

why+lie+wantbeer.jpgI think the boldest approach I've seen was taken by a fellow who made no secret of why he wanted some green. I bet he liked to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, too.

Gas pains (cont.):

thank+heaven+gas+prices.jpgI doubt very many non-oil-industry types would "thank heaven" for the risin' fuel prices.

But John Hall, the former LA Times columnist, has found a way to beat the high prices. "I fill up when I've still got half a tank left," he said. "So it's only $50 to fill the tank."


I didn't attend the LA Marathon. The rights to the race are owned by Frank McCourt, the soon-to-be ex-Dodger owner, and I feared that McCourt would charge $15 for parking spots near the route.

That's it...


I guess this column has reached the end of the road for this time.

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