Only in LA: Toughest joint in town?

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Take a look at the name of the specialty burger at the recently-opened MF Gourmet cafe in the Grand Central Market.


But let's not jump to conclusions. When I asked a smiling woman behind the counter what "MF" stood for, she responded: "It's open to interpretation. It could be 'Mother's Favorite.'"

Something else to chew on

sh-chickens-lexus.jpgYou may have read about the death of offbeat writer Harry Crews, who wrote one of my favorite novels, "Car," about a man who decides to eat an entire automobile, piece by piece. It reminded me of a sign that hangs at the La Chicken eatery in Little Tokyo.

Of course, Crews' character ate a Ford — a 1971 Maverick — not a Lexus. Lot more steel to wolf down with the Maverick, I think.

I kid you not

More seasoned readers may recall the outbreak of those yellow, diamond-shaped "Baby on Board" placards that hung in cars during the great Yuppie years of the 1980s (and can still occasionally be spotted — in the cars of the former babies?) Well, my niece, who works in a handbag shop in Orange County, says she's noticed some new warning signs posted by moms — on baby carriers. Such as:


Another variation goes like this:

sh-wash hands baby sign.jpg

Maybe it's time to reissue the old Bobby Vee hit, "Take Good Care of My Baby." Or maybe it's not.

As for grown-ups' spelling...

Reader Bart Boydston found a condo that did not have the luxury of a good sign-painter.


There must be standards!

sh-no-actor-parking.jpgIn the Valley, talk show host Tomm Looney chanced upon one business that was obviously trying to keep out undesirables. Actually, the sign is a warning to thespians who can't find parking at a nearby casting studio.

Easter has passed...

And, for most students, it's time to resume the learning process.




The 46,000-square-foot Greystone Mansion, now owned by the city of Beverly Hills, often lands roles in films and TV detective shows, such as "The Mentalist." The estate's 1930s-era refrigerators occasionally stand in for corpse lockers in a morgue. The mansion even keeps a pair of feet on hand — much to the amusement of tour groups. Who cares if they're both right tootsies?

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