Only in LA: The swimsuit issue

IMG-1.jpgWell, that was going to be the theme. But, owing to budget considerations, I've had to limit my layout to a shot of a cuddly couple from the 1920s, a period in which the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce sent out goofy, staged photos to newspapers around the world. As though anyone had to be persuaded that L.A. was goofy.

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When I saw the "99" price on a drink menu, I thought perhaps it was a typo. Surely, it was Buck-a-Maggie night, right? No. The Avalon Grille on Catalina does indeed offer one type of margarita for $99.

Why so much? One waiter explained that the concoction includes a rare tequila and an antique grand marnier (mariner IS a typo on the menu.)

And does anybody actually buy one? "We sell maybe 3 or 4 a week," the waiter said. "It's usually a guy trying to impress the girl he's with."

Funny thing about Catalina

AaVmssglUJltJCNJLU52ugpe8UYIIy8oE57CASIAJvFpXhmqa-6alDBrn3nThHvqyo4vyUmb71GZyDSpJi3Hquvhz0zof2y-MvlZDIs_Ozp5cuRdi-U.jpgOn our family vacation, I noticed that the island sometimes feels compelled to remind rampaging mainlanders where they are_or are not. One eatery, for instance, sets out a warning regarding the small cups of food that it sets out for sale.

These aren't bumper cars!

hW7Mb6zu8x9Wn4SbB6Uq0vTN_daj7iJAZJ2EAcR7ZtCprIxqi82A3xD2olMXoSrFXxfEolRan_wGLpa07ZMV1X0JOMjFJHjR50Vi0NPb3CGd1IsHu2Q.jpgMeanwhile, customers trying to rent a golf cart in jalopy-scarce Catalina are informed that this isn't a kiddy ride.

A beautiful day to stay inside

h0D6gN3j-40sxUKT2tRfShms4KbxGjlh6oqBlDS2HLA_Pz9kXylKUOS0CaMb6JzjMXoEEwHD5I3q-3JxKzmrF-Tqql1pLNon88jpjs67iAnMBANr6Io.jpgPorschia, our guide on one excursion through Catalina, mentioned she's often asked why there is no gambling at the island's landmark casino building. Management has gone so far as to post a sign at the premises, explaining why there are no slot machines.

And who gave "casino" its modern connotation?

"Las Vegas," said Porschia.

Ah, summer in So Cal...

A winged chariot, spotted by Elmar Baxter...


Being on the look-out for ocean-going vehicles on the freeway...


Yard sales that are, uh, big...


Facing that weekday morning dilemma (snapped by Elaine Gardner)...


Yes, it's a great time of the year.

But stay alert


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