A cuppa woe

When a driver slid across three lanes and cut him off in San Diego, Barry Rothman angrily honked at her. Whereupon she rolled down her window and complained, ``Your horn scared me and I dropped my phone into my coffee."

Guess she just had some bad car-ma.

Tired of all those speeders out there?

sh-proctor.jpgPhil Proctor of Beverly Hills found the place for you on Melrose.

Back to cell phones

IMG_0003.jpgSeems like a new gizmo comes out every week. But one you don't hear much about any more was the edible model, photographed several years ago by Judith Hart of Rancho Palos Verdes.

As for coffee mishaps...

I've had my share. In fact, when I order a cup, I now routinely ask the barista to leave room for my cellphone.

Forget about that stockbroker of yours

sh-advice.jpgA guy on the Venice boardwalk will confer for cheaper rates, though he won't vouch for the results.

The next Olympic sports?

Bill Moore of Los Feliz discovered that the Boy Scout Store website offers patches for some events that might draw big crowds at the Games. They pay tribute to such competitors as, in order, ambulance chasers, ladder divers and shopping cart racers.


The Boy Scout Store is not affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, as you may have guessed.

By coincidence...

sh-crime-clip.jpgPaula Van Gelder sent along a clip from a Beverly Hills newspaper about a visitor who may have her shopping-cart badge revoked.

"Duh!" Award-Winner

Thanks for the warning...


Easy for them to say

sh-figth-for-ohio.jpgI've heard a lot of descriptions of the Obama-Romney campaign but Donald Bentley of La Puente noticed a new one in a TV graphic.

Too much Olympics excitement?

Paul Cate found a street in Lomita where you can decompress.

Bland Avenue.jpg

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