Only in LA: Winter dangerland

Winter is showing signs of appearing, turning thoughts to skiing and snow-boarding. And the heck with that party-pooper sign in Big Bear, shot by Barry Nackos.


Speaking of warnings...

sh-falling-coconuts.jpgSummer never ends in Honolulu, but, as Mr. and Mrs. Only discovered recently, visitors do face a danger unknown to Southern California.

Political snapshots (1992)

The Republicans had been in the White House for 12 years when Hollywood Park launched a humorous billboard campaign — humorous for Republicans. The Demos got their revenge later that year, though. As you no doubt recall, the 1992 presidential horse race finished this way: Bill Clinton (win), George H. W. Bush (place) and Ross Perot (show).

For the holiday shopping list

sh-3-shoes.jpgBob Niccum found something for that special multi-legged friend of yours.

Worst gift of all time

sh-council-tie.jpgThirty years ago, the city of L.A. spent $10,000 on ties bearing the logo "Los Angeles City Council" and sent them to legislators in Washington D.C. and Sacramento to improve "intergovernmental relations." None were ever reported seen in public.

"In the back of my mind, I remember getting something stupid like that and throwing it away," Democratic Rep. Anthony C. Beilenson said at the time.

Doomsday joke?

sh-deadend.jpgWas it a dead end or an escape route? George Burditt didn't hang around the little Oregon town to find out.

Flat notes:

sh-football.jpgWhen USC's football team was caught letting the air out of footballs so that they'd be easier to catch and throw, it wasn't the first time that deflation was an issue on campus.
In the 1940s and 1950s, a mangy mutt named George Tirebiter became famous for biting radials on passing cars near the school. Tirebiter, who prowled the sideline of games as USC's unofficial mascot before Traveler came along, is honored with an unusual statue on campus.

Talk about a sensitive building...

Ken Harrison found an unusual warning outside a rear entrance in Oceanside. "Of course I had to disobey," he said. No one yelled back.

Flipping the bird

sh-pugs.jpgMy nephew Nick and his wife Ariana run a pet-taxi service for animals that need to be flown somewhere. They'll transport King or Fifi to the airport and fill out the paperwork (no small matter in the era of Homeland Security.)

Recently, the Steins saw three pugs off to New Zealand to their owner's new residence. "Seventy eight pages of paperwork," said Nick Stein.

The other day a caller asked them to find a "nice family" for her pet vulture, which has become something of a problem. The creature had killed one of her cats and attacked her husband in the shower, the caller said. "She's such a sweet little bird," the caller added, "just not with anyone else."

The Steins weren't sure if it was a joke. When Ariana failed to stifle a giggle, the caller said, "Why are you laughing?"

The Steins declined to take custody of the homicidal bird.

And, finally...

A thought for the day from someone with a possible case of the holiday blues, captured in Topanga by Steve Durgin.


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