LA fashion meets high tech at Consumer Electronics Show

the-trina-turk-collection-for-m-edge-offers-fashion-forward-accessories-for-iphone-ipad-kindle-fire-and-laptops.jpgWhile the latest technology is front-and-center at this week's Consumer Electronics Show, there's also an increasing focus on the softer side of gadgets. A reflection of how integrated mobile devices have become in our lives, the incredible variety of fashion-oriented accessories for electronics is one of the hottest trends at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

LA fashion icon Trina Turk really caught my eye with her striking new range of iPhone, iPad and tablet cases, in partnership with M-Edge... infused with colors, patterns and textures described as "California inspired glamour," the line adds a touch of sophisticated whimsy to otherwise serious hardware.

While I suppose "California glamour" is open to interpretation, I will say that the glowing satin fabrics and leather trim on Turk's accessories look and feel rich. And true to her clothing line, the range of products manages to feel high end without the logo-laden "I'm a designer product" sensibility which weighs down similar offerings from Tory Burch, Michael Kors and Coach. When you think about it, I guess that really is a uniquely LA approach to glam.

LA-based design and innovation expert Joel Delman is serving as LA Observed guest blogger covering CES 2013 from an LA and Southern California point of view. Joel is creative director for Product Development Technologies. He received his Master of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, his JD from Harvard Law School and his Bachelor's in economics from New York University.

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