Only in LA: It's that season

Are the Dodgers this desperate? Bart Boydston noticed that the team has evidently been dealing with the Devil.


Thanks for the warning

Randall Gellens received a message from a telemarketer who seemed to confess what his true intentions were.


Grazed donuts

Don't know if it's my imagination but are drivers more reckless near donut shops? Could it be from inhaling all that sugar? Here are three cases I've collected, the Donut Hole of La Mirada (extensive chocolate damage), Angel Donuts of Long Beach (where someone misunderstood the drive-thru invitation) and Randy's Donuts of Inglewood (OK, that last one may be for a movie scene.)


Click any donut pic to make it bigger.

School spirits

Ken Harrison suspects no one's going thirsty at one San Diego-area school.


Which reminds me

Paula Van Gelder sent along a beer ad that read as though the writer was sampling the product.

Beer .jpg

Only in Hollywood

In the Thin Blue Line police publication, officer John Lamberti lists some of his memorable experiences while on duty in Tinsel Town:

• "Going to pay the bill for my breakfast, only to find that the tab had been covered by one of the biggest rock stars of all time."
• "Discovering that...people like to run around naked on Sunset Boulevard at all hours of the day and night."
• "Trying to figure out who's supposed to strip search (an) arrestee who was born a female, got a sex-change operation, but was currently in the process of transitioning back to female, and listed as a male on the rap sheet but a female on the driver's license."

Dueling Signs winner

Bruce Leiserowitz, meanwhile, observed that the price of white corn was changing every few feet in one market.

corn mixup.jpg

Readin', writin', misspellin'

graduation.jpgIt's that time of the year for funny school marquees.

Another bad grade

Barbara Joan Grubman of Woodland Hills saw a hand-written sign in a ladies room that asked users not to throw "famine" napkins in the toilet.

One-stop shopping

If you are in the habit of putting your foot in your mouth — an occasional problem of mine — Bruce Welmers suggested a place where you could get help.


And, finally, don't forget Father's Day

fathersday.jpgLooks like one book store was encouraging folks to buy a trashy novel for Pop.

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