Only in LA: The signs are out there


OK, it's not as scary as a visit to Sweeney Todd's chair would be. Still, the folks at Bolt Barbers on Spring Street seem to dare customers to step through their doors, judging from the disastrous Yelp reviews they post on the windows (as well as their website). A worker there told me the reviews are genuine.

Nabobs of negativism (cont.)

Of course, reverse psychology has a long tradition in the business world. Some other examples I've encountered over the years, include a used-car dealer (shot by Ron Keyson), a table-maker, a watch merchant (shot by Judi Birnberg) and an appliance store.


Only in LA Menu Item of the Week:

I can just imagine someone noticing this delicacy at a Hollywood restaurant and saying, "You know, I was going to skip dessert but I just can't resist Peanut Butter Dust."


Easy for them to say


A "Please Slow Drively" sign recently spotted near a preschool in the Gold Rush town of Auburn was misspelled purposely to catch the eye of drivers, the local newspaper found.
I doubt if the authors of the accompanying warnings in So Cal could make the same claim.


Then again perhaps each is in some sort of code. Note the hints of Italian, Russian, jive talk and NSA languages.

Another attention-getter

sh-watch-yo-step.jpgIn Boston, John Bellah of La Habra observed, the transit signs seem to have resorted to slang, perhaps to encourage compliance by youths.

Neutral field

sh-giants-dodgers.jpgHalfway between L.A. and S.F., San Luis Obispo is understandably split on which of the cities to love (or hate). Dalia Jude, a former student of mine, discovered that a yogurt shop in town has come up with a way for people to vote, if they don't mind parting with a little loose change. It's Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw vs. Giants catcher Buster Posey. Surprised the players' union hasn't demanded a share for the players.

Just say no, no, no

sh-springpark.jpgBack home, I chanced upon downtown's Spring Street Park but had to spend 15 minutes reading the warning sign before I dared enter. Worst of all, I had to leave my inflatable jumper in the car (see last rule.) Clicl on the image to see it bigger.

Department of Low Finance (cont.)

sh-dollar.jpgActor Phil Proctor of Beverly Hills wonders if the amount offered by this loan company would be of help, even in this economy.

As though political ads aren't annoying enough

sh-emmylawnsigns.jpgRobert Burns of Hollywood saw signs pushing Netflix' Emmy hopefuls on residentials lawns. The Hollywood Reporter said that folks who volunteered their sod were given Starbucks and Netflix discounts. What next for Emmy campaigns: bumper stickers?


sh-walkfame.jpgImagine my delight when I found my name on a Hollywood Walk of Fame plaque! It truly was a surprise. Aren't you supposed to be notified? Anyway, I've got a few people I'd like to thank. First, my agent who never lost faith...Wait a minute. You say there's another Steve Harvey?

This Steve Harvey, anyway, is at His Twitter handle is @sharvey9.

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