Only in LA: Prose and cons


It's the question every Angeleno has asked, usually during a traffic jam.

And what's intriguing about the photo, snapped by Joe Martin of Newbury Park, is that I mentioned the same plate in a 1998 column in the Times.

So, the driver has apparently been trying to figure out why he's in L.A. for at least 15 years.

Perhaps it's F8

That's the explanation that another driver's license plate offers for living here — F82BNLA, to be exact.

Probably isn't love of LAX that keeps Angelenos here

Some might even agree with a billboard that was posted years by ago by a now-defunct Long Beach airline.


Other reasons to love LA? Well, we have pro football

True, the city's new franchise is only an Arena Football League team, the L.A. Kiss (really, that's its nickname.)

But the billboards of the last Arena team here, the Avengers, did make for fun reading.


Some critics might say the best thing about L.A. is proximity to San Diego

chillzone.jpgBut look at what Jeff Bliss found in San Diego International Airport, a Chill Zone. It's no longer such a lay-back town down there? Actually the sign turned out to be part of an art project by Camille Utterback.

Part of L.A.'s appeal, of course, is the culture.

Phil Proctor of Beverly Hills chanced upon a work of art on a car: a zombie family sticker.
And, as if inspired by the "Sleepy Hollow" TV series, a Long Beach entrepreneur introduced the perfect partner for the Headless Horseman: the Headless Sign-Twirler.


Way out

space-junk-cart-sh.jpgThe space junk imperiling the Sandra Bullock and George Clooney characters in "Gravity" reminded me of a piece of art in the 1990s by L.A. artist John Marshall. He equipped an astronaut with a well-known earth vehicle.

Speaking of spacy

Does anywhere have more aggressive hair salon names than So Cal?



In the town of Mojave, Kevin Roderick noticed that one store was taking the end of the world in stride. Part of the Chill Zone perhaps.


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