Only in LA: Hello? City Hall? Anyone home?

"I wonder where the city went," quipped a reader who signed off as "Larry from West L.A." He was referring to a sender who wasn't sure who -- if anyone -- was dwellling in City Hall these days.


Now it can be told

L.A. was on the auction block in 1995 but apparently there were no takers.


An edgy Grand Central Market?

One of the 96-year-old market's recent eateries was MF Burger, which has since folded. (The meaning of "MF" was never made clear though one waitress said it could be "mighty fine.") Anyway, now another food counter has a lustful name.


Can't hear you

The long-idle, former Sears on Olympic has been sold to a developer. Unresolved is the fate of the East L.A. building's sign, a familiar landmark to drivers. My old boss Shelby Grad snapped a shot of it the day it looked as though the place had been taken over by an ear-nose-and-throat specialist.


And happy 101st birthday...

To the former Roebling & Sons building at Alameda and Traction, now occupied by Angel City Brewery, where you can buy a glass or a barrel of suds. But, please, no playing on the slides. Do you fool around with the fire poles in the Engine Company No. 28 restaurant on Figueroa? (Not sure about that fella on Angel's slide; he may date back to the Roebling days.)


Historical L.A. Landmarks (zipper division)

zipper.jpgNear Washington Blvd. and Long Beach Ave.

Spell-Check Violations

stationary.jpgPatrick Mauer figures this store may have trouble "moving" one item.

Easy for them to say

turingvehicles.jpgTerry Miller snapped a sign in Temple City that should have said: "Watch for Typos."

Unclear on the Concept

An "early bird" in Southern California isn't always very early.


This will wake you up

Kevin Roderick found a joint in Kern County that sells an hors d'oeuvre with a less than appetizing name. I'd prefer the generic title -- pickled Brussel sprouts.



The best advice I received on a holiday card.


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