Steve Harvey: Off Tsunami watch

One thing I think we can all agree upon is what type of a year it was until the recent rains.


Mannywood found!

sh-mannywood-2.jpgSort of. Remember when the Dodgers named their left field bleachers after mischievous slugger Manny Ramirez? Then, in 2010, Manny flunked a drug test, was released and faded from view.

But you can find his visage on the side of a building near the 16th and San Pedro Street off ramp of the 10. It's an old baseball card ad.

His departure was sad because in his prime, he could excite a crowd.


The Mysterious Face of Diamond Bar


Ken Brock found a face etched on the 57 freeway that must have been left by an extraterrestrial. No earthling commuter would have given it a smile.

Freeway suspense (cont.)


As if construction projects don't make driving adventurous enough, de-coding so-called directional signs is another challenge. They may refuse to tell you what freeway you're on (photo by Stan Kelton, somewhere near Long Beach), or whether to believe the left or right arrow, or where the exit arrow may take you (somewhere in Colorado).



No ambiguity here

sh-scaryLA-license.jpgShelby Grad got close, but not too close, to a local with attitude.

Sounds-like spelling...


Further proof that there is no privacy anymore (photo by George Rodriguez).

Sounds like, part 2

sh-garagewanded.jpgJoyce Steers, meanwhile, observed what must be a magician's sign in Santa Monica.

Sounds like, part 3


And Judy Bass noticed that a cheese ad in Pasadena did not receive a passing "grade" in spelling.

Does NOT sound like, repeat, does NOT sound like!


A popular Thai restaurant in Belmont Shore has fun with the fact that English-speaking folks must be careful to pronounce its name carefully.

Stormy reception

sh-tomatoes.jpgL.A.'s weathercasters came in for some kidding from talk show host Jimmy Kimmel for their, perhaps, overdramatic coverage of the recent rain. But Channel 2, at least, was only living up to a solemn oath the station made in 1991. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Questionable timing award

Just before the rains hit, Channel 5's website, meanwhile, posted suggestions for viewers worried about losing their homes in a flood.

The drought ain't over

sh-deerlick.jpgWe need more water-free car washes like this one in the San Bernardino Mountain community of Running Springs.


sh-luggage.jpgI took a brief absence from this column, hiring on as a luggage handler at Sacramento Airport but only lasted a day. Too much heavy lifting. Click to enlarge the image.

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