Only in LA: The jailhouse edition

Only in LA: H2 Oh?


Seems like these water conservation restrictions are getting more and more complicated.

Time won't be flying in 2015

feb31_closure_sign-sh.jpgAt least not according to a daring photo of the 10 freeway taken by columnist David Allen of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

Arresting Info

bond-girls-bail bench-lao.jpg
Kevin Roderick espied an ad for a bail bonds firm that I hadn't heard of: Bond Girls. Its slogan, naturally, is "Call the Girls. Bond Girls."

Over the years, I've also come across (but did not need the services of):

•Lipstick Bail Bonds ("Kiss Jail Goodbye")

•Bad Boys Bail Bonds ("Call Now_ Because Your Momma Wants You Home")

•You Ring We Spring (whose customers included O.J. Simpson)

Difficult to top the slogan of the late boxer turned bailbondsman Art Aragon: "I'll Get You Out If It Takes 10 Years."

If you haven't gotten out...

personals-sh.jpgDon't bother to answer this singles ad, spotted by Barry Nackos.

The Bond Girls would understand


Roderick also noticed that OneWest Bank has a subtle dress code for, uh, customers.

Which reminded me

Several years ago, a colleague came across some scary wardrobe requirements at a pawn shop in the Valley.

A financial institution that doesn't mind being in the red

tomatobank-sh.jpgTomato Bank of West L.A. deals in money, not fruits and vegetables. As for the name of the 14-year-old Chinese institution, one executive explained: "If there can be an Apple Computer, who not a Tomato Bank? Try to forget it. You can't!"

Unclear on the concept


In a supermarket aisle, Eleanor Miller of Alhambra saw a special that didn't seem so special.

What will they think of next?

I've heard of cars that drive by themselves. Now John Johnson encountered a business that caters to vehicles that can trudge down the street.

Just another Hollywood Blvd. fantasy

$5park-sh.jpgParking for $5? Sure, for the first 30 minutes, as Dennis Levin found out, when he read the fine print.

Dept. of Obscure L.A. Landmarks

For your reading enjoyment, may we recommend the listings on the Criminal Justice Walk of Fame on the north side of the Criminal Courts Building? In the defense attorney category, 21st century, the first name is O.J. Simpson's late counselor, Johnnie L. Cochran Jr.

And finally...

sparehomer-sh.jpgMy daughter Sarah snapped a shot of a Homer Simpson panhandler in Long Beach. Which left her wondering if someone thought Homer's trademark phrase was "Dough!" rather than "D'oh."

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