Only in LA: Attention, shoppers

First, some questions to consider upon visiting a store.

Is the store opening or closing? Or both?


Is its name reassuring?


Have at least some of its products been manufactured locally?


Does the store ever give you a really unique deal?

sh-minussaving.jpgAndy Chase, for instance, discovered the concept of "minus" saving, involving a Lego toy that was originally priced at $24.99. But for you it's $29.99! Now you know why you shop with Only in LA!

Is the business suspiciously generous?

John Johnson found one that would seemingly pay YOU money to shop there.


Does it seem like your store is offering free liquid refreshment...

...Until you read the fine print? (Gil Reza, reporting from Lourdes, France.)


Does the store exercise your math skills?

Alex Auerbach deemed it thoughtful of one business to offer three $3.33 plant containers for $10, thereby saving you "the hassle of figuring out what do with the penny change."


Does the business offer discounts for special occasions?


How are the store's restroom facilities?


Does it discriminate against babies larger than 5 pounds?


And, finally

Is there a clear evacuation plan for customers in the event of an emergency?


Good luck!

Steve Harvey's Only in LA column ran in the Los Angeles Times for a couple of decades and now appears here at LA Observed. Harvey can be reached at His Twitter handle is @sharvey9.

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