Only in LA: The real game of thrones

Welcome to our annual Salute to the Toilet, spotlighting the aesthetic side of that noble apparatus, recent technological breakthroughs in its operation and a memorable slogan it inspired (discovered by reader Carl Kruse.)


Right this way...


Now, before we begin our tour, a few ground rules.


Actually, our start will be delayed slightly while we wait for the men.

You know how long they can take to get ready.


In the meantime...

You'll have a chance to enjoy the surroundings.



And we can talk about some exciting new concepts

For instance, single-use toilet covers (noticed by Meredith Sewell.) The product's name says it all.


For that little tyrant of the household...

Photographed at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice sports awards at UCLA.


And smart toilets

That's right, m'am, the next time the old man forgets to close the lid, you need only hit the toilet's remote control handset, which you have control of. (Spotted by Doug Disney.)


We are also very excited about the possibilities of restroom service without leaving your car...

Though there are still a few problems to be worked out (one lane going in each direction or one circular lane?)


We are very proud of our research department

Which has found, for instance, that some long-held assumptions of faucets may be false.


Our studies continue in other areas

mensprinkler (1).jpg

OK, it looks as though the restrooms are available


What's this?

dropyourpants1.jpgActually a sign at a cleaners. Sorry, couldn't resist an old bathroom tour joke.

And the tour will begin.


Those with time constraints may wish to remain on foot.

Portugal_loo_daniel_yi copy.jpg

Make sure not to forget your safety gear.


Steve Harvey can be reached at His Twitter handle is @sharvey9.

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