Your special election tissue, uh, issue

Only in LA is Steve Harvey's occasional column for LA Observed. It used to run in the Los Angeles Times.

Some things will seem familiar this campaign season.


There will be confusion at the polls.


The propositions will be difficult to fathom.


Of course, a lot of politicians have a simple formula for the propositions.


El Nino will apparently be a campaign issue.


The crucial contest in Ohio will be called many names, though probably not the one Channel 9 used in 2012.


Election Day will also be called several names, one in particular.


Some will detect a sinister influence at one store on the Westside.


Or was the marquee only intended for citizens of the People's Republic of Santa Monica?

One thing that will be different this year.


Hollywood Park will avoid making political jokes, like the knee-slapper that appeared on a billboard in April 1992, a few months before Bill Clinton beat George Bush to the finish line.


The controversy over Ted Cruz' Canadian birth will recall the scene in "Men in Black" where Newt Gingrich is revealed to be one of a small number of space aliens who infiltrated life on Earth.



No, Donald Trump was nowhere to be seen.


Contributors included Merle Barstead, Don Bentley, Don Salper, Alan Silverman and Barry Zepel.

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