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On Admiral Brewer

Regarding the selection of retired Navy man David L. Brewer to run the Los Angeles Unified School District...

• Vice Admiral David L. Brewer, Ill, was Vice Chief of Naval Education and Training in Pensacola, FL, for two years. As such, he was responsible for training and education of all Navy and Marine Corps personnel worldwide. The training includes recruit, technical skill, precommissioning for officers, warfare specialty, on and off-duty education programs, and foreign students from many nations. He performed so well at this post that he was given command of the Military Sealift Command.

Vice Admiral Brewer, Ill, assures that his command's response is decisive. Perhaps you remember that USNS Comfort was on site at New Orleans, LA, three days after Katrina struck, with hundreds of meals and medicine to tens of thousands and care to more people than we could count. Admiral Brewers ships delivered humanitarian aid after the Tsunami hit Indonesia.

After logging more than 600,000 miles of travel to assess what adaptations needed to be made, Admiral Brewer reformed the Military Sealift Command. Upon his retirement, Admiral Mike Mullen said, "the Military Sealift Command is the best it has ever been."

Through his tireless work for the David and Mildred Brewer Foundation, which provides hope through scholarships to African-American students in Florida.

In this fuzzy world we live in, it might seem accurate to say, "Brewer has no education experience." But this wouldn't be the crisp truth.

Deacon Hosea M. Alexander, Sr.
Host, St. Martin de Porres Hour

October 17, 2006 10:23 PM • Native Intelligence • Email the editor

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