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Sheriff's training video

Longtime reader Robert Parry reads a lot into Kevin's take on the L.A. sheriff's training video...

 I must express my profound disappointment at your comments regarding the YouTube video of the sheriff's deputies arriving for their first day at the Academy: "I know law enforcement requires mental toughness, but emulating the Marines? You just hope the trainees are told somewhere along the way that, oh by the way, don't ever dare treat a civilian this way."

Well, where do you see them being taught to treat people that way? I see future deputies being taught to stand at unflinching attention while being berated. I see them being taught to control their emotions and impulses. Those deputies will be working the jail within 6-9 months. What do you think a jail riot is like? Do you want deputies who take their first instinct when attacked (fight back or run), or deputies who remain stoic and make logical decisions?

I also see them gaining an understanding of what its like to be on the wrong end of an unpleasant interaction. Nowhere are they told "yell louder and treat me like dirt."

Notable in that video is the number of folks who completely forgot basic information in moments.

You don't think that's important? Go read the LA police commission's reports on officer's use of force. How do you think they get detailed information about who hit whom when and with what implement in which hand? From the cops in the fight, of course. If you can't remember a name while being yelled at, how will you remember stuff like that? Or, once the bad guy dumps you (cause the new police paradigm is that you can't fight back and you can't chase people) how will you remember his name, while making a broadcast or writing a report?

A lot of things are made like sausage. A lot of sausage-like things are good because they're made that way. People who like sausage should be interested in how it's made, but second-guessing the cook based on a few minutes of video generally does not improve recipes.


Robert C. J. Parry

February 25, 2007 12:34 PM • Native Intelligence • Email the editor

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