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July 31, 2014

Goodbye, July


That was such a quick visit.

July 30, 2014

Back to basics


good morning from paradise cove


looking north

Wet dogs:

throw. the. ball.

maisie and walt


July 29, 2014

Let's catch up

Recap: Remodel sold quickly. (Too quickly.) So I packed. (Not quickly enough.) A month of visiting and yikes -- time to find a place to live.

No fixers available just now so, a rental. Which in this crazy market is easier said than done. The house hunt I thought would take a few days wound up taking almost two weeks, to which I can only say, THANK YOU LA QUINTA FOR YOUR DOG POLICY.

Walt at La Quinta

Between CraigsList and and Westside Rentals and the local Malibu papers, I got the search process down to a science. At one point, after about a week of looking, I thought I had found the place -- a cute guest house among the oaks on the site of a former summer camp in Topanga. And then the previous tenant told me not to worry about those scratchy, slithery sounds in the walls at night, he had never actually seen any snakes or rodents...and hello, La Quinta? Book us for another week.

Which is all a very long way of saying here we are, back in Malibu, in a sweet and charming little cottage on the west side of town.

the cottage

It's small and quirky and comfortable and comforting with a big porch and a spacious yard:

side porch

And a pretty great view.


July 28, 2014

Hello again


downtown LA

Well that was interesting. Sold the house, traveled and blogged, house hunted and didn't blog and now, voila. Back again.

That's downtown LA as we headed toward LAX three weeks ago, airplane window acting as blue filter.

July 7, 2014

The drought from above

It's a shock to see the Central Valley these days:

the central valley-vdt.jpg

At least a third of the farmland left unplanted:

Central Valley runs out of water

As our epic drought grinds on and on.

the California drought

July 5, 2014

The last of the last

Just a few more photos from San Juan Island:

A lavender farm:

photo 2.JPG




A friend's farm:





the swallowtail


front porch, lavender farm

Another porch:

front porch flowers

One more porch:

magic castle

The view from that porch:

the view


photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG


photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

Back again.

downtown los angeles

July 2, 2014

Another orca

They're so big and brash and loud and fast that I can't imagine ever being blasé (Orcas? Yawn.) about seeing them:

hello, orca

Also, Roche Harbor. Everywhere we went on San Juan Island, it looked like a postcard.

roche harbor

And yes, vacation's over so after a photo dump tomorrow, back to the 'Bu.

July 1, 2014

Quail crossing

Mama and papa quail, herding their little family safely across the road on San Juan Island:

mama and papa quail and the kids

quail family

quail crossing

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