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Sunrise in Malibu
Morning Buzz

A little bit of mid-week reading

A lot of sports, a spot of art, a rare whale sighting, and the good news that Kevin returns from vacation this week.
Morning Buzz

A few links from a few different places

Temps are a bit cooler, surf's a lot bigger, Joe Biden is snarling traffic, and the Slate Culturefest is headed to LA.
Morning Buzz

Let's talk about anything but the weather

Feds review LA County jails, Hong Kong protestors get some LA love, more NFL-To-LA rumors, and a pop-up cafe with cats. (And yeah, a weather story, because good grief it's hot.)
Morning Buzz

A few links from here and there

Bell Gardens updates, CicLAvia details, NYT staff cuts, and a coyote on the roof. Keeping the home fires burning while Kevin's on the road.
Morning Buzz

A couple of links from a couple of places

Dodgers clinch(!), Aaron Kushner talks to USA Today, the biggest Craftsman in LA is for sale, and it's adios to Red Medicine.
Morning Buzz

A bit of news from a few places

Imported wind power, the Port of LA Fire, an Airbnb tax conundrum, and LA gets bicycle libraries -- a few links and updates to help pass the time until Kevin returns.
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Can we all agree Elizabeth Peña had a certain something?
elizabeth-pena-variety.jpgThe actress who worked in Hollywood from her early 20s died at Cedars at age 55. Read more.
LAO_LewisMacAdams copy.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard is a weekly feature of LA Observed. Check out Gary's archive.
Streetscape | Whitnall Highway
dwp-bldg-whitnall-hwy.jpg DWP architecture in North Hollywood.
Print relic
linotype-le-figaro.jpgKevin spotted this Linotype machine on display in the Paris lobby of Le Figaro, the second-largest national newspaper in France. Bigger
Streetscape | Alameda Corridor

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