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Steve GreenbergSteve Greenberg was the editorial cartoonist at LA Observed for more than four years. He previously spent 30 years as an editorial cartoonist, illustrator and graphic artist at the Ventura County Star, San Francisco Examiner, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, San Francisco Chronicle, Marin Independent Journal and the Daily News of Los Angeles, and was also the editorial cartoonist for Editor & Publisher. His work has appeared in the L.A. Times, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Mad magazine and in 70 books, and has won awards nearly every year, including the 2010 L.A. Press Club Award, finalist in the 2010 AltWeekly Awards, runner-up in the 2008 Fischetti Editorial Cartoon Competition (behind that year's Pulitzer winner), citations in the 2006 and 2007 United Nations Ranan Lurie Cartoon competitions and Grand Prize in the 1999 Homer Davenport contest. He blogs about cartooning and media at and has an extensive cartoon archive at Email

Cartoon archive

LA Sketchbook: Camarillo sign

CamarilloSign rgb.jpg
The latest cartoon from Steve Greenberg. Check out the LA Sketchbook archive.

LA Sketchbook: Balancing books

The latest cartoon from Steve Greenberg. Check out his LA Sketchbook archive.

LA Sketchbook: Armenian genocide

Armenian lowres.jpg
The latest from editorial cartoonist Steve Greenberg. See his archive.

LA Sketchbook: Trutanich pledge

The latest by Steve Greenberg. The LA Sketchbook archive.

LA Sketchbook: Endless marathon

Check out Steve Greenberg's archive of cartoons for LA Observed.

LA Sketchbook: See no fracking

See the Steve Greenberg archive at LA Observed.


See more by Steve Greenberg.

LA Sketchbook: Sequester wreck

The latest editorial cartoon from Steve Greenberg. See Steve's archive.

LA Sketchbook: Valley at election time

qqValley Election.jpg
The latest from Steve Greenberg, courtesy of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. See the LA Sketchbook archive.

Forever stamps

qqxsg Forever stamps.jpg
The latest from Steve Greenberg. See more from Steve

LA Sketchbook: Coat hanger

The latest from Steve Greenberg. His archive.

LA Sketchbook: Deficit hole

qqxsg CA Deficit hole.jpg
The latest cartoon by Steve Greenberg. See more.

LA Sketchbook: Zell-less Times

The latest cartoon for LA Observed from Steve Greenberg. His archive.

Jerry baby


Happy New Year everybody. More by Steve Greenberg

LA Sketchbook: Trigger lock

qqxsg TriggerLock Calif.jpg
The latest for LA Observed from editorial cartoonist Steve Greenberg. His archive

LA Sketchbook: Supermajority

The latest for LA Observed from editorial cartoonist Steve Greenberg. LA Sketchbook archive.

LA Sketchbook: Digital signs

qq Digital Signs.jpg
The latest for LA Observed by Steve Greenberg. Archive of more.

LA Sketchbook: GOP sorrows

qqxsg GOP Barfly.jpg
New from Steve Greenberg. His archive.

Prop. 30 doors

Prop30 Doors ONLINE.jpg
The latest from Steve Greenberg. Previous cartoons for LA Observed

LA Sketchbook: Time to vote


Cartoonist Steve Greenberg urges us all to vote. LA Sketchbook archive.

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• LA Sketchbook: Prop. 8 flags
• LA Sketchbook: Supergraphic patriotism
• LA Sketchbook: Chainsaw massacre
• LA Sketchbook: Super Nuch
• LA Sketchbook: Union idol
• LA Sketchbook: Cortines to staff
• LA Sketchbook: Train wreck
• LA Sketchbook: Ballot bubbles
• LA Sketchbook: Fire Sale
• LA Sketchbook: A two-fer
• LA Sketchbook: The Kindle
• LA Sketchbook: Arts High School
• LA Sketchbook: Pick a teacher
• LA Sketchbook: Mannywood
• LA Sketchbook: Parker Center compromise?
• LA Sketchbook: Ancient Coliseum
• LA Sketchbook: Supergraphics
• LA Sketchbook: Off with their heads?
• LA Sketchbook: Antonio's Budget Diner
• LA Sketchbook: LAUSD cuts
• LA Sketchbook by Steve Greenberg

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