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Who is eligible to submit?
Everyone is eligible. Experienced screenwriters may have a leg up, although inexperienced writers with good ideas can certainly fake it for a few pages. Also, those familiar with Los Angeles will have an advantage, as the city is a major player in our script.
How often can I submit?
As often as you like. If your first submission doesn’t get chosen for the script, please try again next week or next month. If your work is chosen, keep it coming. We need you. And remember, even if your pages aren’t included in the script, we may post them anyway to inspire and entertain others.
Can I write with a partner?
Sure. Just make sure you both accept the terms of our agreement and both submit your contact and credit info.
What if I’m in/not in the Writers Guild?
Irrelevant. The WGA takes no interest in spec projects, which is what this is. If the script is ever sold to a Guild signatory company, final credits will be arbitrated.
How will credit be determined if this gets made into a movie?
In the unlikely event that this script makes its way through a development process that is typically long and perilous and is actually produced as a film, writing credit will probably be determined by the WGA. The guild’s arbitrators would study everyone’s contributions (which at that point would likely include several additional drafts of the completed screenplay) and decide which writer or writers to credit. Don’t hold your breath.
Will I get paid if this gets made into a movie?
That’s highly doubtful, but if you wind up as a credited writer, it could conceivably happen. You’d undoubtedly have better luck playing the lottery.
Has anything like this ever been done before?
There have been plenty of serialized novels but no screenplays that we’re aware of. And the idea of doing it as a website collaboration is unique as far as we know.
Wasn’t there already a movie called “Right of Way”?
IMDB lists a grim sounding 1983 film starring Bette Davis and Jimmy Stewart that apparently was shown only on TV, as well as two earlier theatrical releases by the same name. This is not them.
Can I advertise on your site?
Eric Estrin