LA Observed: Los Angeles media, politics and sense of place since 2003
Anyone (WGA or non-WGA) is eligible to enter. Entries should be typed in script format using Microsoft Word or any screenwriting software, and should be between 1-5 pages. We reserve the right to edit submissions for clarity or content.
Email entries by midnight Sunday for that week's consideration. Submit.
Entries must be original and non-defamatory, and should include the writer’s name, email address, choice of t-shirt size and mailing address. Include an identifying credit of any length, with links, if desired. Writer’s name and city or neighborhood will be published for winning entries.
Writers may submit as many times as they wish over the course of the project.
By submitting, you assign permanent ownership of your submission to LA Observed. We may publish the pages online or in print or assign the rights to others for any purpose.
Participants whose work is chosen for “Right of Way” will be awarded one LA Observed Script Project t-shirt per winning entry.
Eric Estrin