Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy is an English professor at Pasadena City College who covers the National Hockey League and the Los Angeles Kings for Inside Hockey and other publications. He is the author of books about hockey culture and Canada, most recently "My Country Is Hockey: How Hockey Explains Canadian Culture, History, Politics, Heroes, French-English Rivalry and Who We Are As Canadians." His previous books include "Growing Up Hockey: The Life and Times of Everyone Who Ever Loved The Game," and "Living The Hockey Dream: Interviews and Personal Stories From NHL Superstars and Other Lovers of The Game." As far as we know, he is the only Ph.D. in the hockey press box at Staples Center.

It's not just men and women driving round and round. It's warriors dancing with death, and therein lies the magic.
Now that the Kings and their fans have their first Stanley Cup, everyone needs to turn the page. The only Ph.D. in the Staples Center press box, an author of several books on hockey culture, looks at what history can tell us.
Our Ph.D. in the pressbox won't be at Staples Center tonight. He'll be working the possible Stanley Cup game from France via the Internet and wondering: is there really any substitute for being there?
If the Kings are eliminated early from the NHL playoffs, Tuesday's "Flop on Figueroa" will set the psyche of Kings fans back a decade or more.
In L.A. this week, fulfillment comes again for the hockey fans and the hangers-on. For the Arnoldians in the crowd, these games are much more.
L.A.'s casual sports fans and non-hockey people, have a little heart this morning for your colleagues who seem down. Their season is over.
Brian Kennedy couldn't manage the fear of actually playing hockey and getting "hammered," so now he writes about the game — when he's not teaching college English.

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