Fire pix on Flickr, LAFD on the web

sylmar burns shot by Chriki24

Between the Times' photogs and picture editors, they've got some great fire photo galleries on the site. But just as remarkable are civilian shots like this one. Here's a link to all the photos on Flickr tagged "Sylmar fire", and one for "Sayre Fire".

Local papers are in full fire mode:

The Times' Sylmar fire story says 10,000 people have been evacuated from the Valley. Just keep refreshing that link for new info. LA Now (hello everyone -- I miss you!) is also posting updates.

The Daily News has turned its main story into an ever-updated blog post and has photo galleries, a map, info boxes, and lots of links.

The Ventura County Star, which remarkably managed to get the Sylmar fire into this morning's print edition, has AP on its web site.

For general info on the Sylmar fire there's the LAFD blog, it's main Twitter feed, and a Flickr photo pool. A Twitter hash tag feed (#LAFIRE) is here.

Of course the fire in Santa Barbara County continues to burn. Info from the county's Bureau of Emergency Services here.

Will you think I'm a total weenie if I ask you all to say a little prayer for the valiant firefighters (and police and pilots and good Samaritans) now in harm's way?

Photo: Chriki24 / Flickr (Via Creative Commons license)

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