Reading Calendar with arched eye

Richard Rushfield of LA Innuendo peruses the Times' Calendar section very closely and reports the findings on his new blog, now renamed "The Magazine Reader." Today, he goes through the entire Elizabeth Jensen piece on Tucker Carslon's new show for PBS, looking for the "protesting liberals" mentioned in the headline deck and the lede. He never found them:

Jensen goes on to review Carlson's recent trip to Italy, and how he's planning to make the show a hit before she trickles away with a long drone from Carlson...and not one single inflamed quote. Not even on background, not even attributed to a "longtime PBS viewer." Nada, zip.

I guess though, considering the matter more closely, it should be perfectly clear to any style section reading fool, that in LA Times speak, when you say people are upset but don't specifically list which people, clearly, obviously that means the author and a few of her friends or people she met somewhere.

The Times' Weekend Calendar on Thursdays has been a particularly inspiring target. Yesterday, though, Rushfield was mortified more by the measly roster of L.A. "celebrities" who lugged the Olympic torch through the streets.

Sylvester Stallone
Pat O' Brien
Ellen Degeneres
Pepe Barreto (?)
"Fred Roggin of NBC"
"Mauricio Cardenas of Telemundo"
Ryan Seacrest
Tom Cruise
Vitali Klitschko

Excuse me, what are we, like, Stockton here? The capitol [sic] of entertainment of the known universe and this was the best we could do? I repeat, this is the COMPLETE list.

No direct links yet at the Rushfield blog, so you have to go the main page and scroll down.

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