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Summer respite...

I'm out of here until August 30. I thought about pressing guest bloggers into service or claiming to be "on assignment" then posting an occasional item. But in the end, an annual summer hiatus ala Andrew Sullivan sounded like a wise blog tradition. So I'll be on vacation all the way, some of that time on the other coast. If your emails aren't returned until September, I hope you'll understand.

When L.A. Observed returns, I hope to be able to unveil some upgrades and enhancements. Before I go, I'll be turning off the new comments function to prevent spammers and trolls from running wild. If I find a way in the next few hours to make Movable Type stop accepting new postings but still let the existing comments be read, I'll do that (ideas are welcome by email). Otherwise, I need to just turn them off.

OK: Existing comments can be read on the archived version of each post, but it won't work by clicking on "Comments" here on the main page. Sorry, I ran out of time to install a more elegant solution. Posting of new comments is turned off completely. See ya in a few weeks...

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