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The Sunday Opinion feature "Outside the Tent" seems in love with bloggers as the critics of the Times that count. Today it's Patterico's turn. Writing as Patrick Frey, he argues that corrections should be as prominent as the story containing the error, and says fewer errors would get in the paper if "The Times staff reflected a wider variety of political perspectives." At his blog, Patterico praises Sunday Opinion editor Bob Sipchen for his suggestions and fair edits, and thanks fellow bloggers-in-arms Xrlq and Armed Liberal for helping polish the piece.

I think it’s fair to say that the criticism I provide in those posts is more biting than anything you will read in today’s Sunday Opinion piece. Keep in mind: the Times piece runs under 700 words, whereas I have relatively unlimited space on this blog to back up what I say – as well as the ability to provide links for further support of my assertions.

Earlier installments of "Outside the Tent" came from Mickey Kaus, Hugh Hewitt and Marc Cooper.

Also in Sunday Opinion: The Times editorial page jumps on the Hahn-lacks-vision bandwagon, calls the mayor's record mixed, and says "What Los Angeles needs is a mayor who not only hires a reformer police chief but rallies all neighborhoods to support his campaign against crime, a mayor who not only beats back secession but wins over and unites the disgruntled residents. It's a tall order. Los Angeles should reach that high." An endorsement in the race, however, will wait until next Sunday.

And: Catherine Seipp has an Opinion piece continuing her rap against feminism.

Update: NPR's David Folkenflik posted an online column about the Times' "Outside the Tent" experiment.

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