Daily News endorses Hertzberg

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. Sunday's Daily News editorial says of the paper's choice:

Fortunately, there are four qualified candidates with a strong dedication to truly serving the public. One stands out far above the others: Bob Hertzberg, the former Assembly speaker who represented the San Fernando Valley in the Legislature from 1996-2002.

Hertzberg, a longtime Sherman Oaks resident, understands something that the politicians in City Hall painfully don't -- that L.A. is less a metropolis than a coalition of neighborhoods. It's the neighborhoods of Los Angeles that make the city great, and if the city is ever to thrive, its neighborhoods must be empowered.

This is the vision Hertzberg brings to the campaign: Empowering the people, shifting decision-making and money away from downtown and the special-interest groups and toward the city's communities. It's the vision L.A. needs to become a place where companies want to do business again, where families want to live and where parents want to send their children to school.

And it's a vision that, over the course of his career, Hertzberg has backed with sound policies, relentless dedication and indefatigable energy.

It probably doesn't hurt him with the Daily News that, while in the Legislature, Hertzberg pushed a change in state law that encouraged a public vote on secession. Or that one of his campaign chairs is unofficial Friend of the Daily News and former secession leader David Fleming.

Also: Bitterwaitress.com is what it sounds like, a site for restaurant help to vent anonymously about cheapskate tippers. I came across this double-slam (scroll halfway down) at Jim Hahn from someone at Nic & Stef's Steakhouse downtown. First the poster calls him Kenneth Hahn (that was his father), then says: "The mayor of Los Angeles came into the restaurant and got great service. Even shook my hand after the meal and told me what a great job I did. Then he stiffed me. Nice."

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