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Media coverage of Day One of Round II all predicts a campaign high in invective. The Times says Hahn begins as the trailer in this sequel. On page A20 the LAT runs a large color map showing graphically which candidate won each precinct in Tuesday's primary. Villaraigosa won 825 precincts, Hertzberg 474, Parks 185 and Hahn 102. The Daily News points out that both Hahn and Villaraigosa now want to raise $1.8 million (the cap) as quickly as possible to qualify for $800,000 in matching city finds. The Daily News goes to the "nobody voted" card in the banner headline, which screams "Apathy Wins!" The second graf suggests Hahn's campaign was to blame, but the coordinated editorial says it's the people of Los Angeles who are "shameful." The Daily Breeze roundup quotes Raphael Sonenshein saying Hahn survived a "near-death political experience."

• Daily News: "The San Fernando Valley threw its support behind mayoral challenger Bob Hertzberg in the primary election, with one in three voters supporting the former Assembly speaker..." Um, put another way, two in three Valley voters did not support Hertzberg. It was worse for Valley native Alarcon. The LAT exit poll found the Valley breaking down Hertzberg 34%, Villaraigosa 24%, Hahn 21%, Parks 9%, Alarcon 5%, based on the chart in the paper.
• Ex-mayor Richard Riordan's advice in an LAT op-ed: "Only a strong, energetic mayor can engage Los Angeles....In a town where politics competes with Hollywood, dynamism is a prerequisite 24/7, you have to eat, sleep and dream the City of Angels. You also have to empower as many talented, energetic people as you can, and then get out of their way." Riordan, who bitterly attacked the Times for mentioning his family, now thinks a political gossip column would be good for the city.
• The LA Weekly unleashes five writers on a number of angles about the race just over and the one coming up. Robert Greene, Marc Cooper, Harold Meyerson...
• Joe Scott analysis: Villaraigosa the favorite, but he has vulnerabilities.

* Update: Hahn's "significant endorsement" today was the L.A. Chamber of Commerce.

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