Maxine unloads on Hahn *

The mayor "has never contacted me in the four years hes been in office, Rep. Maxine Waters tells Betty Pleasant in The Wave. "He has never been in my office and I have never received a telephone message from the mayor asking me to call him. The first time I heard from him was when he heard I was considering endorsing Villaraigosa. Only then did he call me. Waters says that Hahn's damaged image among African Americans is about more than firing ex-police chief Bernard Parks.

He fired Lydia Kennard [executive director of the L.A. World Airports]. She wont admit it, but we all know he did. He fired Ozie Gonzaque [chair of the Housing Authority Commission] and Dr. Warren Valdry [vice president of the Airport Commission], as well as Parks, and Im unhappy about all of those.

Waters unhappy? When does that ever happen? Best line in the piece is from Councilman Martin Ludlow, who says: Hahn has spoken to me, but he hasnt said anything. [Old news, says Eric Richardson, who reported back on March 24 that Hahn replied he has called Waters "many times."]

Also in the Wave: In her Soul Vine column, Pleasant observes that ex-councilman Nate Holden adamantly criticized Hahn's firing of Parks until just the other day, when he endorsed the mayor's reelection and said firing Parks was the right thing to do...Pleasant also says that all of the victims of the freeway shootings have been black. I'd missed that.

* Meanwhile: Hahn's campaign lawyers at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips today asked the city Ethics Commission to look into those odd Florida contributions to Villaraigosa.

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