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Editor's Dozen: Nov. 12-19

Twelve of the best from the past week of LA Observed posts, plus a few freebies...

  1. When a UCLA student is Tasered on video in the library, students protest.
  2. Where is UCLA anyway? Not in West Los Angeles.
  3. Times publisher David Hiller sure likes his Republicans, but we'll see about uppity reporters.
  4. The Times covers its own editor's first day, video and all, and disorients readers with local stories on A1.
  5. A real live Chandler advises the Times how to get its act together, and Montorio says he's staying put.
  6. Bratton versus Mariel Garza of the Daily News, and a counterpoint from TJ Sullivan at Native Intelligence.
  7. Yaroslavsky considering another try for an elected county executive.
  8. Laserium lives on, just not at Griffith Observatory.
  9. A bunch of people in L.A. may have Morgellons disease, or they may not. The CDC wants to know.
  10. Mother's worst nightmare, or one of them: a mountain lion near tents full of Girl Scouts.
  11. Veronique de Turenne dares to suggest that bicyclists take a little more care, discovers they are not easily disabused of their specialness.
  12. Los Angeles magazine anoints 122 influential Angelenos — and redesigns the book.

Plus: Former Times city editor, columnist and A-list political writer Bill Boyarsky — currently vice president of the City Ethics Commission — joins LA Observed as a blogger.

And: The week in Morning Buzz and recent mentions of L.A. media people.

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