LaGuire moves up at Calendar

Lennie LaGuire has clearly emerged as a favorite of Times features czar John Montorio. Fifteen months ago he put her in charge of Daily Calendar, with the awkward title of Deputy Features Editor/Entertainment and News. Today he promotes LaGuire to Senior Calendar Editor, with all of the sections reporting to her. Worst thing about the memo (which follows) is that Montorio says the print version of The Envelope, the section that exists to suck up to celebrities and hype awards shows (and sell ads), has become a "critical part[s] of our report's future." Sorry to hear that. Whole memo after the jump.

To: The Staff
From: John Montorio, Associate Editor

As we successfully navigate this challenging period, we're learning valuable lessons on how to better organize ourselves in ways that allow us to get the most from each other's talents. With that in mind, I'm pleased to announce that Lennie LaGuire has been appointed Senior Calendar Editor. Effective immediately, the editors of daily, Sunday and Weekend Calendar will report to her.

This move accomplishes a number of things. First, it recognizes the leading creative and organizational role that Lennie has taken in the successful refinement and redesign of Sunday Calendar and the launch of The Envelope print editions. Both are critical parts of our report's future and the response to these initiatives has been overwhelmingly and justifiably positive. Second, as we move more deeply into a period in which staff, resources, stories and criticism will need to move between all these sections as seamlessly as possible, it makes solid organizational sense to have one set of eyes fixed on the whole picture. This will become even more crucial as we move forward with our rethinking and relaunch of Weekend, where both the challenge and the opportunities loom very large.

Since she joined this department as Entertainment Editor in 2002, following a series of high-level news assignments, including City Editor and Orange County Editor, Lennie has established herself as one of Features' most dynamic and energetic leaders. And I know you'll want to join me in congratulating her on this new role.

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